• Hudson has been cooing and talking and gurgling and smiling like a crazy man lately. I finally got an actual “response” smile from him about 4 days ago. So so sweet. He has the cutest smile, if I do say so myself. πŸ˜‰
  • Porter went poop on the potty all by himself! The other day I threw on some underwear on him and told him when he goes on the potty he’d get a chocolate candy (chocolate chip). He was super into it when he saw me put a little bowl of chocolate chips in the bathroom cabinet. While I was feeding Hudson, Porter pooped on the potty all on his own. However, not long after that he not only peed but pooped in his underwear. We aren’t ready for hard core training yet, that’s for sure.
  • Yesterday I was driving down the road and drove past a lady mowing her lawn. I heard a loud “crunch” – she ran over a rock or something with her mower. Not seconds after I hear a loud “CLANK” on my car. Her mower hit a rock. Spit it at my car and hit my window and chipped it! Thankfully, it didn’t break- it was the back passenger window where Porter was sitting.
  • Aubri stayed the night with Porter last night. They’ve been hanging out nearly everyday with eachother whether at our new house, at Oma Boma’s or at my mom’s house. Heather watched Porter for me yesterday and took the kids swimming. I picked them up and Aubri stayed the night with us. My back seat was pretty full!
  • Lots of HOUSE things going on:
    • Ryan has been busting his ass every day this week. He is up for work around 4:30am. He works from 6-3 and every day since Tuesday he’s gone straight to the new house to work on those repairs. He’s been working on the house until about 10pm. I’m thankful he’s so good at house projects and that he’s so dedicated to getting things done for the inspection. He’s so tired and worn out from working so much. I can’t wait until these repairs are done. Almost there. Unfortunately (however, it is still an exciting thought), the projects are nowhere near done in this house LOL!
      (Ryan taking a break and sitting in front of the a/c)
    • (Me- finishing up the balcony railing. No, its not a pretty railing, but its done-quick and cheap- and up to code for the inspections)
    • Speaking of house projects… whoever invented wallpaper should be wound in wallpaper and glue and dropped off in a remote area with only water and a chisel to get out. I began taking the wallpaper down in Hudson’s room and it SUCKS. I thought wallpaper wouldn’t be a terrible project. I thought I didn’t have “that much” to do in the house. Except the two walls in Hudson’s room. And our room. And the bathroom. And dining room. Foyer. Playroom. Oh. And the kitchen. Holy freaking wallpaper hell!
    • I bought a chandelier for the dining room! I went to some garage sales on Saturday, drove by one sale and noticed some boxes of newer looking chandeliers out in their sale. They were brand new and one was very similar to the one that Ryan and I both liked at Mendards. The retail sticker said $129… and the garage sale price was $20. Sweet! However, once I got it home I peeled off the garage sale sticker to reveal a “clearanced out” price of $11.49 HAHAH! So, the dude made $8 off me. I still got a deal, right?
    • I’ve decided to refinish the livingroom floor before moving in. Under the carpet, the floor is an orangey-yellow colored wood and looks to not have any polyurethane finish on it yet. So, I have to seal it anyway and figured why not stain it a nice dark walnut/espresso color while I’m at it? I can’t wait to start on that project. Wait. I can’t wait to have it done.
    • I bought a dining room set yesterday. Its an antique Duncan Phyfe 8 person set. I got it for $100 at an auction. Its a dark walnut finish and the chairs have cream seats. I’d really love a black dining set, but for that price I couldn’t beat it! I also got this chair for $4.
    • We met more neighbors today. I am loving this house and the neighbors so far. The neighbors to each side of us are older (ok, like our parents ages), but the family today stopped by has two kids- a 9 year old boy and a 4 year old girl. They saw our fire going (Ry was burning this old skateboard ramp that we needed to get rid of) and thought maybe we were having a bonfire and wanted to stop by. They’re super nice. The wife is a teacher and even sweetly offered to watch Porter for an hour or two if we need him off our hands. She said that she really wants to put together a cookout/get together with all the neighbors so we can all get to know eachother and I am so excited at that idea. I offered to help her put something together later this summer. They just bought a pop-up and are going to begin camping this summer, so maybe we’ll have some camping buddies in the future! They also told us the family that lives behind us has a 2 year old boy and a 4 year old girl. I can’t wait to meet them as well. So far, looks like our little “road” is going to be a great place to live! Everyone seems nice and everyone has said that the area is great and the high school isn’t bothersome at all. I’m feeling so good about this house.
    • After leaving our “home” (I say “goodbye home” every night when we leave. I can’t wait to sleep there!), I was driving in the dark and randomly grabbed a cd out of my case. I couldn’t identify it by the first song, so skipped right to the second. Come and Listen. Love the lyrics. I’m so feeling this way right now… I feel like we have so much goodness happening to us. So much that I’m thankful for. So much to look foward to. So blessed.

Come and listen
Come and listen to what He’s done

Praise our God for He is good

He has done for me
He has done for you

He has done for us

(Heather blowing up the kiddy pool we bought to entertain P and A)

(Hudson, chilling among the massive mess in our living room)(So cute, and I swear the spitting image of his daddy)

Oh dear God its 2:30am. My mom kept Porter and Aubri overnight at Brian’s house. Here I have a night I should be sleeping because I don’t have a toddler to get up with in the morning and what do I do? Blog. Blog all night long. I guess I can sleep in tomorrow, though.

  1. Love the updates on the house, the kiddos & all πŸ™‚ Glad to hear it all sounds like it is falling into place so well!

  2. I am so glad things are going well! I am excited about moving into our new house, but I’m freaking out that our current house hasn’t sold yet. We will probably lower the price soon. Groan.

  3. Wallpaper sucks! We actually turned down a home we liked when we bought our 2nd home because it had so much friggin’ wallpaper! What are you using on it? I found that fabric softener diluted with water worked pretty well and didn’t cost nearly as much as the stuff you buy! Can’t wait to see your OPAMs! I also posted on my blog about that and will be starting it soon (especially since we are thinking about moving again and will have a house to sell!). Congrats on the new home! Laura

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