One more… just one more

We have a closing date: Monday at 4pm and H House will be ours!

I’m bummed we aren’t closing tomorrow (because it’d be nice to have the weekend to move!) but I’m also happy because that means I can still go to Archiver’s with the girls! We’ve been dreaming of this trip for quite awhile, so I’m excited that I can still go. I’m not sure how it’ll work out with moving during the week. We had everything (aka: help) lined up for moving this weekend… grr.

Ry and I worked at the house tonight.

  • Primed Hudson’s room and put 2 coats of ceiling paint on the ceiling. Its purple and dries white so you can see where you painted. Neat, huh?
  • Began stripping the wallpaper in our room
  • Ry took the closet doors off the walk-in, took down the trim and framed in the doorway. It just needs drywall, mud and paint and it’ll be a wall! Once we close, he plans to demo the wall in our room to re-open the doorway.
  • Put a coat of polyurethane on the wood floors. I am loving the color. It looks really nice now that its soaked in and dried.

Whew! I’m tired.

  1. Wow you were up late tonight! hah! Im glad you still get to go to Archivers! Wish I could join you girls! I have never heard of ceiling paint that does that. but i also havent had to paint any ceilings. Thats pretty neat that it is purple and then turns to white.

  2. a closing day! yey! you have done more work in your house-to-be in a couple weeks than i’ve done in my entire house in a year! you should be tired! 🙂

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