Take off your shoes, honey… we’re home!

Where do I begin? We’re in our new house and we’re absolutely in love. Minus the disgusting bathroom upstairs and the piles of boxes and all the items out of place. Monday morning my mom and I loaded up a pickup truck, trailer and my car with our couch, dressers and misc. items from her house. Maria met us at the house and we ripped up the living room carpet. It was gross… there were so many spill/pee spots on it. Eww!

The three of us unloaded the trailer and truck and by then it was time to go close on the house! Ryan and I were the first ones there… surprise surprise! We were ready to go! Closing took half an hour and we were so so thrilled to finally have those keys (legally) in our hands! We spent the evening moving stuff to the house and were so exhausted by the end of the day. Ryan’s dad took the boys back to their house so Ryan and I could work a little later (we stayed at their house one more night rather than the new house). We were in the living room taking a break and Ryan kicked up his feet on the coffee table and said “Take off your shoes, honey- we’re home! Really… take them off!” LOL! So, we kicked off our shoes and hung out in our new living room, soaking up the great feeling of home ownership again.

Yesterday my mom and I got Porter’s bunk beds and Hudson’s crib put together. I organized and got most of our kitchen stuff put away. We have SO much more cabinet space in the kitchen I just have no idea where to put stuff! I went grocery shopping today… dropped a nice $220 on groceries. We had nothing, though… literally like a box of cereal, english muffins, ketchup, mayo and water. Yum, huh?

Its been like Christmas for Porter here. He’s so excited to see all of his toys. Yesterday when we got here (after staying at Cathy and Dave’s for the night), Porter ran into the house and into his playroom and said “My PLAY ROOM! Look, my toys! Oh, here’s my truck!” And every time I’d find a box of toys and open it for him he was so happy to find his long lost toys.

I can’t believe how much crap we have! Our basement is filled up already (lots of it is garage sale stuff, though) and so is the garage. It’ll be nice to get everything in its place, put the holiday stuff up in the attic and other storage stuff in the utility room downstairs and dig through all the boxes and organize. We need to have a garage sale soon- we have way too much junk.

We got our cable, phone and internet installed today. I don’t like Comcast thus far. The guy set up a wireless thingy ma jigger for us so that we didn’t have to run a cable to the guest room upstairs and then change it to the basement when I move my office down there. I plan to buy a wireless network card (?) for my desktop and just be all wireless, I guess. Great idea, however… I am sitting here on the laptop with the ethernet cord plugged in… I still can’t get wireless to work. Weird. Good thing my O’Fallon, MO tech support will be in town this weekend so maybe he can figure it out?

Alright… I’m off to catch up on blogs (wondering if Cass had her baby!!) and then I’m sure by then Hudson will be up. I do have some random snapshots to share, but I can’t seem to find my card reader to upload my pics to my computer.

  1. welcome home! what an amazing feeling to be in your own place again. when Tom and I moved back to Jackson, we lived with his parents while we waited for our home in GR to sell and close on our home here. For 8 months. I know first hand the excitement that comes with homeownership after being “homeless” with kids and a dog for so long=)

  2. Congratulations Nicole! I am very happy for you that the selling/buying process is complete for you guys and you aren’t homeless anymore. PS: I had my baby on the 9th…if you want the birth story and pics go read on my blog. 🙂 Congrats again!!! Enjoy getting settled. -Rachael

  3. So glad that you are in the house! Can’t wait to see your progress! Wish I could be of more help to you, I will let you know when I have a few free hours! 🙂

  4. No baby. But at least I get to read about your home adventures in peace and quiet! I’m so glad the closing went off without a hitch and that you’re all now sleeping under your own roof what a great feeling!

  5. I bet Porter was excited to see all of his toys. At least they will keep him busy for a while. Hope your internet problems get worked out soon. That is always annoying.

  6. I can’t wait to see more pictures of everything! And definitely go wireless-once you have it you’ll never go back.

  7. Congratulations on finally ending your stressful, but exciting, last few months!! ;PI feel for you on the laptop issue, too. They tell me I need a router for it to work, so right now I miss using my laptop and have to live with just using the main pc.

  8. Congrats on the house “officially” being yours! I am glad that you love it so much! Good luck getting everything put in its place!:)

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