TFT: My answers (warning: biohazard ahead)

Eeek. After reading most of your answers, I’m a little nervous to post mine. I’m pretty certain that after writing this post Leslie and my mother in law will never visit my house again. HAHA!

  • Wash your bathtub/shower: Uhm… maybe once a month? Sometimes longer inbetween. If it starts looking scummy, I wash it, or if I’m going to take a bath. Porter takes a lot of showers, so I guess I can use that as a reason that maybe our tub isn’t *that* dirty that often HAHA!
  • Change your bedsheets: Maybe once a month, again. Probably less often though, but once the drool marks show up or they smell or feel weird, I change them. (EWW!) When we were staying with my mom, she changed our sheets after we’d been there for about 2 weeks. She said “I changed your sheets… I didn’t think you’d changed them since you moved in.” If only she knew….
  • Sweep/vacuum your floors: Probably once a day/every other day. I hate seeing crap on my floors. I don’t vacuum that often, but my kitchen/dining room floors I sweep quite often. Ramsey sheds terribly and I’m a klutz with food and we have a 2 year old…. that’s enough to need a twice a day cleaning LOL!
  • Dust: Maybe once a week? I don’t have a “schedule” but when I start to notice dust, I’ll dust.
  • Mop your kitchen/dining room floor: When I start to stick to the floor (love that answer, Heather). I will “spot clean” it if I notice stuff here or there, but a good all over mopping… once every few months. Yes, even when I had a crawling baby.
  • Clean your windows: I’ll confess… I am not sure I ever cleaned our windows at our last house… and we lived there for 6 years! I did windex our sliding glass door every few weeks (whenever you couldn’t see through the fingerprints or dog nose prints HAHA!). My grandma was all gung ho to come clean our windows at our new house and I didn’t see why. However, my windows are spick spack sparkling clean and you could just about walk through them they look so nice! I might have to keep up on a semi-regular cleaning… 🙂

Ok… I’m off to the salon. Getting my hair CHOPPED OFF in about 25 minutes!


  1. Oh my gosh… you think you’re bad? I’m glad I forgot to post my answers 🙂 I’ve honestly NEVER washed the tub (though Patrick has) and I have never ever washed the kitchen floor… gross, I know. My motivation just stops after I do the bathroom and the little landing by the front door. :)Can’t wait to see pictures of your hair!

  2. i’m getting my hair chopped on wed! tis the season i guess!you’re not so bad on the washing stuff. the only thing i do more frequently than you is bed sheets.

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