Jessica Perry:

I can’t reply to your comment via email b/c your email address doesn’t show up. So, you get your very own post LOL!

The bed is from Ikea.

My hair color… I haven’t colored it in awhile, so its pretty much my natural color now. However, when I do color it I buy the el-cheapo Revlon Colorsilk (like $3/box) in Dark Soft Brown.

  1. Yesss, my very own post!! Weird that my e-mail address doesn’t show up…hmmm…I’ll need to check into that. I’m such an amateur at this blog stuff, but I’m trying! Anyways, thanks for the info. The bed is exactly what I’m looking for. And we’ll see if I get the guts to go dark…it would be a big change for me, but change sounds fun:) Thanks again!

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