Is there really anything super-special about today? Pretty neat date numbers, I suppose.

I’m going to just list 8 things about today (or perhaps things and pictures). Try to keep is short and sweet.

  1. I got an awesome deal on a Spark Skip*Hop diaper bag today: It is regularly $29.99. It had a clearance tag of $14.99 and it actually rang up for $7.49. LOVE when that happens! While I typically don’t carry a diaper bag (I’ve found I really only need 2 diapers per kid, a bottle with a few extra liners, a couple servings of formula and a sucky)… I figured at this price it’d be an excellent bag for day-trips or something like that where more baby gear is needed.
  2. I bought this cute tote bag to use as a purse (and diaper bag combo… you know, throw my few extra baby things in here… and it has side pockets to put the bottle. SWEET!) as well as this hobo bag the other day.Oops. Ryan’s not going to be happy to see I bought more bags….
  3. Porter had some pretty funny things he said/did today.
    • Both boys were up early… around 6:30am… and as we were walking downstairs I said under my breath “You boys are going to drive me crazy.” and Porter says “You gonna be craaaazy? You so maaaad? You so mad because my daaaad keeps taking your caaaar? He keeps taking your caaaaar to his work?” HAHA! The durango was getting fixed (when isn’t it) and Ry has been taking my car to work so we’ve been stuck at home all week.
    • He’s been really into his Tonka Look and Find book. He keeps bringing it to me and saying “Talk to me about it”
    • This morning I came downstairs to find the fridge door wide open. Porter trots down the hall and says “Come see my hotdogs, mama!” Oh boy. That intro doesn’t sound good. I found a package of hotdogs riding in the back of one of his semi trucks. Gotta hand it to him for imagination.
  4. Tomorrow we’re going to the fair to see the Monster Truck show. Its all for Porter… never in my life did I expect to be spending a Saturday night watching Monster Trucks.
  5. I am pretty sure I’m going to start Weight Watchers this Monday (I want to guilt-free eat my fair food tomorrow!) and begin running again. I’d like to do some races this fall, if I can work my way up to a 5k. I’ve never ran in a race before, but I think it’d give me a goal to work towards and something to hold me accountable. I also saw some of the races have Kiddie Runs (2oom) for ages 1-6. I think it’d be so neat to involve Porter in running… I wonder if he’d stay focused enough to run with other kids? I’ll have to take him over to the track and see how far he’ll attempt to run. It’d be fun to have something for he and I to do together as he grows up. Maybe I can even get Ryan to run with me? Hmm.. not sure about that one. HAHA! Anyhow… Monday is the day. We’ll see how motivated I stay…
  6. We’re camping next weekend at Silver Lake. I think its been about 4 years since we’ve been up there. We used to go numerous times each summer but somehow life got in the way. I can’t wait to spend a relaxing weekend at the Dunes. I also can’t wait to see Porter’s reaction to the dune trucks going over Test Hill. He’s going to have a blast, I know it.
  7. Some girlfriends (from highschool) came over today for lunch/chatting. While we all keep in touch still, we don’t often all hang out together. It was great to catch up and chat. I think a lunch get together every once in awhile is in order. Thank you Lauren, Maria, Missy and Carrie for coming over- this afternoon was great! 🙂
  8. Alright… thought I’d come up with 8 things. I’m boring today. Here are some pictures for you:

Some cute socks I bought for Porter for this fall… (courtesy of Target… my fav!)

Hudson is growing so fast… he loves to grab onto his toys on his playmat. It cracks me up as he’ll hold on for so long and have this look on his face like ‘Ok… how do I let go now?”
And how about some super cute pictures of H. Riley? Dang, he’s adorable. 😉

  1. I’ve been considering running again myself. And dieting. And looking at races for the fall. And… Oh my. I just cant get motivated. Why am I soo lazy?!? Ugh. I hope you have more motivation than me. There is a Allegiance Run coming up, maybe I can set my sights on that one.

  2. Good luck on WW! It's a great plan. I've been on it since Nov. & have lost 48.8 pounds, I'm almost halfway to my goal! You can do it!

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