I got the great idea from Stephanie’s blog to take Porter blueberry picking. He LOVES blueberries and could eat a whole pint in one sitting if I’d let him. LeeAnn wanted to take Lukas too, so we made it a family event.

We arrived at the Blueberry Patch and were a little hesitant on what to do. The patch is pretty big (not that I know how big blueberry patch-es should be) but it was at a residence and the parking was like in their side yard (noted by signs that just said “park here”).

We walked around the back, near the blueberry trees and saw a picnic table with buckets on it and a guy, late teen/early 20’s, walked out of a nearby barn. He fumbly asked us if we’d been there before and struggled to get out the necessary information for us to know what to do (price per pound, how to pick etc etc…). Then a hairy old man walked out and was pretty comical- he said one hand for the bucket, one for the mouth. HAHA! We walked back to pick blueberries and laughed at how we thought they had to be smokin something good in that barn.

The boys had a blast running through the patch and picking and eating berries. Lukas piled them in his bucket but quickly ate them. Porter surprised me and was picking the berries like crazy but wouldn’t taste them for the longest time. After he tasted them he chowed all the berries from his bucket. After awhile they ended up running and chasing eachother and throwing sticks into the woods. We all had a great time though- tossing blueberries at eachother through the rows of trees, tasting the different colored ones (greens and red/purple ones taste so tart!) and attempting to catch blueberries in our mouths.

Here’s a funny story- Ryan found a vine that looked like a tomato plant. He picked it (who knows why… I think he thought we could replant the picked part and grow a tomato plant- but none of us even eat tomatoes LOL!) We went up to the yard to have our buckets weighed (we each bought a pound of blueberries!) and we were telling the guy we had a great time and we noted how the red and green blueberries were very tart. Tony misspoke and said that they were sweet and the old man said “What! If you think they’re sweet you must be smokin’ some good stuff!” HAHAHA! LeeAnn looked at me and raised her eyebrows and mouthed “You must be too!”
Then Ryan showed him the vine he found and the guy said “OH NO! YOu don’t want that… that’s Deadly Nightshade. It’ll give you a trip like acid. You’ll be down on the ground dead. You’ll think “Ooh whats this oh hey I’m dead on the ground.” and went on and on about how it’ll make you hallucinate and could kill you dead. Then he went into this 10 minute long story about how he hallucinated once after he fell out of a tree 28ft high onto a rock waaay back in ’56. He went on and on in detail about his hallucination- I’m sure it was much more recent than 52 years ago- maybe uh… 52 minutes ago? LOL! Of course, the guy took the vine away from Ryan and said “Oh no, you don’t want that. I’ll take that.” Suuuure you will… take it right back into your barn and pop a few in your mouth 😉 What’s even funnier… LeeAnn looked up Deadly Nightshade on Wikipedia and it even said on there it is used sometimes as a recreational drug. Pffft!

Anyhow, we had a great time and our pound of blueberries was only $3.50! Great deal! The guy said there was only a couple weeks left in the season, so I’m hoping we can make it back the end of next week or the beginning of the following week.

  1. OMG, that guy was CRAZY!! I’m surprised he even gave Ryan the right amount of change back!! LOL! It was a lot of fun and Lukas enjoyed being around Porter. He was asking for him on the way home! And wanted to pick more blueberries with him! 🙂

  2. That dude is s weird. He was telling Drew and how he went to NYC and put sticks in his beard then walked down the street during rush hour trying to freak the rich people out.WHAT??!?

  3. lol! you were picking the dude’s stash! hahaha! glad it was a good time – and were entertained by more than just the kids. 🙂

  4. Koleen and I went there a week or so ago. That guy was awesome! I asked him what was for supper because he was cooking on the grill when we finished up picking. He came over with a fork full of pork sausage smoked over blueberry bush branches. It was so good! I would gladly live in a “hippy commune” with him! :)We ended up with 6 pounds of berries…and they were delicious! And organic is a must! 😉 Good times!

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