So proud

I got some great news today from Ryan… he’s being promoted! Well, technically not right away, but its in the process.

For the past 2 years or so he’s been taking classes for CAD Engineering with the intent to move up in the company he works for. Right now he runs the machines out in the shop, and he wants to get on the other side of the job and do the programming and computer/office part of the job. He still isn’t done with his degree, but he’s already benefiting from it.

His boss is moving (leaving the company) and today he had a meeting with the other programmer and some other company wigs and starting Monday he’ll start training with Jeff and in November he’ll have a review to make sure he’s doing well with the new job and adjust his salary accordingly.

If I know my husband, he’ll do great. He’s a quick learner and hard worker. I’m so proud of him!


  1. Yeah for RYAN!!! I hope things work out there and he likes the promotion. I know you guys have been through a lot during the last year just that I’ve known you guys with his night classes and all. It will pay off in the end.. and the end of that is coming up! You guys have so many rewarding things to be happy for that have happened this year! I hope the next reward is in store for you!

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