Another surgery

My grandma is having surgery today to have a stent put in her leg. We’ve known for a bit that this date was coming but as you can imagine, I’m a bit nervous that something will go wrong and we’ll lose another loved one. Please pray that her surgery goes well and that she has a quick recovery.

And, since I’ve been a blog slacker lately, here are a few pictures:

My mom took Porter and Aubri to the fair last night. I loved seeing the pictures from their evening. They played games, ate corndogs and watched the Demolition Derby.

  1. Completely off topic – but I have the same jumper toy you do 🙂 But my dad found it at a yard sale for practically free, and I don’t know the model number or the weight limit. Any chance you still have your instruction book to answer these questions?

  2. I was just going to say what Leslie said – H is SO long!! He might outgrow that bucket seat based on that – whereas Callie is bustin’ it weight wise, poor girl LOLHope everything goes well for your Grandma, keep us posted.

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