Seriously wanting one of these or these… especially after seeing this.

We have a camcorder, but its…. a camcorder. Have you seen what I lug around…. two kids, diaper bag, purse, large canon camera and heavy lens…. the last thing I want to add is a camcorder. I am thinking, despite the fact that quality is probably lower in this item, that the compactness would give me more ambition to bust out the camcorder and take more videos of my kids!!

I’m tempted to push the “Buy” button right now… but I think I’ll have to show Ryan tomorrow and see if he’s as gung ho for the idea as I am.


  1. Okay, now that I looked at it again and read about it in more detail… I too MUST HAVE IT!!!! I just think I would use it so much more than the big camera and have so much more video…… even if the quality isn’t the greatest??? Thanks for making me completely obsessed. Had to post again and let you know! LOL!

  2. Compatibility issues with a Mac? For this Flip guy or the Sony HD? I have a Mac as well… and I am wondering to which you are referring since I am now obsessed with the little Flip…..

  3. That’s what all my videos are taken with – they are way better quality not online though. I LOVE my Flip! It’s super small and compact and totally easy to use. Plus, it plugs right into your computer so no cords etc. I saw them at Wal-Mart the other night, cheaper than what Brad paid to get me mine a few months ago too – oops!

  4. That video was Beautiful! Thanks for finding it! I actually pushed the BUY button and purchaed the mini but then had buyers remorse when I clicked on your next link to the one that you can use underwater. AHHHH! Oh well, I doubt that I will need that one until next summer but the mini will work perfect for our Greece trip. I have wanted a video camera forever and I love how little this one is and all of the Great reviews. THANKS!

  5. I have been really thinking about buying one of these too. I played around with one at Best Buy, and it looked really cool. I take tons of pictures, but sometimes I regret that I don’t take more video of my son. This seems like it would be so easy to carry around. Please tell us how it is if you do get it!Amy

  6. I think I saw that in Parents magazine. Very cool. Our point and shoot has a movie mode on it and we use it all the time to take short clips. It isn’t too bad of quality either.

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