TFT on Friday

Just some thoughts today on parenting… wondered how the rest of the world does this.

1) Do you/your spouse/family drink beer or alcoholic beverages in front of your kids? (I’m not talking getting hammered… but just an occasional drink or a beer with dinner/barbecue)

2) Do your kids know beer as “beer” or just a drink?

I might have more thoughts on this… but for now answer me those.


  1. we don’t drink alcohol but when we have pop or something that we don’t let Matthew have often, we tell him it is mommy’s or daddy’s and that he has his own drink in his cup. For a treat once in a while we will let him have a sip of pop but not on most occasions.

  2. sure, we’ll have a beer or glass of wine in front of max.and yes, when he’s old enough, he’ll know what it is. πŸ™‚ in general, i usually believe in honestly and using the proper names for things. i mean, sure, some things kids don’t need to hear… but beer? it’s just beer.this is from the standpoint that we are definitely NOT big drinkers… we have alcohol sitting in our cupboard that is probably from when we first got married LOL. πŸ™‚

  3. I’m not really a drinker but I would have no problem having a drink in front of my kids, that’s no biggie to me.And I sometimes tell Morgan that Coke is coffee, I admit it LOL He knows that coffee is just for grown ups so it’s just easier to not have to go into detail HAHA Damn you honest parents LOL

  4. we will have a drink/beer in front of tucker. our friends/family have drank in front of him too at get togethers.he’s never questioned if what we had was different than what he had so i don’t think i’ve explained what alcohol is all about – but when he is old enough to know, he will. there’s no reason not to tell him that those drinks are for grown-ups only.

  5. yep we do, they know beer and alcohol is for grownups and we told them if kids drink it they can get really sick. They actually call beer “wobbly pop”.

  6. we don’t hide it but unless it’s special occassions or we have company or something, we don’t drink much until after she goes to bed so she’s never questioned it. pretty hard to when she NEVER sits still! πŸ™‚

  7. Oh yes, we drink in front of the kids. We have always been open about it and tried to not make what it was a mystery or say that Ally couldn’t try it. (Luke is too young, but likes anything in a bottle and therefore has grabbed a beer bottle and put it in his mouth) Ally is always allowed to try a sip of wine if we are having wine with dinner. She doesn’t like it at all. We have always felt if it’s just a part of our world…. it removes the intrigue surrounding it…

  8. yeah, we will have a beer or wine in front of our kids.however, the other day Eli was giving Dane some Sierra Mist and trying to get Nay to take a drink. she said, “eewwww, it’s beer!” and wouldn’t try it.

  9. yeah, we will have a beer or wine in front of our kids.however, the other day Eli was giving Dane some Sierra Mist and trying to get Nay to take a drink. she said, “eewwww, it’s beer!” and wouldn’t try it.

  10. Yup, we drink in front of Grace. She likes to put her mouth on the bottle and I think she actually kind of likes beer (what she can taste off the top- LOL). If you remove the intrigue like Nicole said it’s just not a big deal and they aren’t interested.

  11. I don’t have a problem with drinking in front of the kids, though in general I don’t drink often. Today it was rather funny when my 5 year-old pointed to a tee-shirt in Walmart that has Budweiser on it and said, “Dad you don’t like that kind of beer, right?” lol

  12. Since Tony doesn’t drink, I will answer this from my side. I have had drinks in front of Lukas and as any other drink that we have, He always ask to have a drink. But he is learning that these types of drinks are for “Mommies and Daddies”. Which lately I’ve changed that to “Adults”. Either way, he repeats back to me “And I’m a kid.” I think its fine to drink in front of kids, obviously Responsibly. I think it can actually teach responsibility with drinking when you are an adult. I grew up with My parents having beer with dinner or casually, and just knew growing up that that was for adults.

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