Porter: 31 Months

Porter, I swear, has the funniest personality. Ok, every mom brags about their kid and how special they are… I know, I know. Every child is unique and special in their own way- definitely. And Porter, well, he’s the King of Comedy I’d have to say. I’m always hearing comments from people that he has the funniest/cutest/most humorous/inquisitive personality. He does, too. He says the funniest things (which this post will probably be consumed by).

In the car a few weeks ago, Porter was telling me to go faster. I told him I had to stop because the car in front of me had stopped. It was a red light. Then I went on to explain that red lights mean stop, green ones mean go and yellow means slow down. And now… he has it down pat. We get to a traffic light and he’s my backseat driver telling me “Red means stop, mommy.” when the light turns green… “Green means go.” And blue lights? Well, they mean “Go FAST!” HAHA!

The other day we were driving downtown and Porter said to me “What do the orange barrels mean?” HUH!? Yep, he was asking about the orange construction barrels. Crazy kid.

He is still a great eater… loves to eat. He still loves broccoli and now also loves to eat raw carrots and celery (my testament that continually giving a kid food they refuse does- in our case-work. I think it was nearly a month of him refusing raw carrots at lunch until he finally started eating them!). He loves “gummies” (aka… fruit snacks)… which are a special treat when we go in the car. I usually make a trail mix baggie of goldfish, raisins, pretzels and a package of gummies. When we go run errands Porter usually reminds me “You can make me a snack bag, mommy?”

His newest phrase is “I can’t how do it.” Yes… as whacked as it sounds. Such as… he’s wanting to be carried upstairs. He flops down across the stairs and whines “I can’t how do it!”
Other common phrases:

  • “How about…” (if I tell him no or to do something he’ll say “how about I…” as if there’s an alternative)
  • “Maybe…”
  • Ryan asked him if he was lying about something and Porter said “No… I not a lion!” and laughed
  • “because….”

He remembers scenery outside the car when we’re driving…. we’ll go down a road and he’ll say “I don’t want to go to ________” (because its a road we take to that place… whatever place it may be- I’m not referring to any place in particular). We’ll take a back road home and he says “We’re going to our new house now.”

He has a memory like an elephant. To this day, nearly a year later, he still remembers the dead deer we saw in the back of a pickup truck in the line at the bank last Christmas. If he forgets a toy at grandma’s house or Nina and Papas, it could be weeks or months later and he’ll find it again and remember it was his (same for this orange car that is “Nina’s car”… its at our house and he recently found it outside under a bush from playing with it weeks ago)

He’s really into kissing on the forehead lately. He’s so lovey- always giving kisses. I love it when we’re all just hanging out in the living room and he stops what he’s doing and runs to each of us and holds our cheeks and kisses us on the forehead. Sweet boy.

The other day he was hugging my neck really hard and I said “Please stop Porter” he turned and kissed me on the cheek and said “I just love you sooo much.” AWWW!

We have the most fun conversations… he understands and verbalizes so much lately- its fun to have little conversations with him. One that strikes me as kind of funny…. I was planting hostas out back under a tree and had pulled up this plant that looked a bit like a plant but very well could have been a weed…

N: Hmm… what should I do with this (mostly said to myself)
P: Frow it in da woods (matter of factly… pointing to the woods behind our house where we throw weeds)
N: You think so? You don’t think its a plant?
P: No. Its just a weed. Frow it in da woods.

Just now he said to me, after going into our room and seeing our sheets off the bed and new sheets piled on the top to be put on… “How you take those other covers off?”

He has taken to potty training and has not looked back.


  1. He sounds like so much fun! Dylan just started doing the light thing, too. He’ll say, “Red-STOP!, or “Green – GO!” Very helpful when I’m not paying attention.Glad you guys had a chance to get some work done. We really need to do that soon.

  2. I love hearing about all the different stages… each one has its own fun stuff πŸ™‚ I would say I can’t wait till mine is that old, but I don’t want the time to go fast! It sounds like you are cherishing every moment

  3. As long he compares me to Kelly Ripa the kid has my vote- LOL. Seriously though, he has met me twice and he remembered my name and what I sorta look like? Soooo smart.

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