I need opinions, please….

This is probably a task only for the most dedicated of dedicated readers. It might be time consuming and thought provoking.

Ok, seriously, its not that big of a task but I would really appreciate some help and opinions.

Remember the 4×3 photo wall I am doing in our upstairs hallway? Well… I ordered frames last night (thanks to Jamie for linking me to the frames!) and the hallway- as of today- is painted and ready to go! I can NOT wait to get some pictures up there.

Now my only problem…. WHICH pictures. Seriously, I have tens of thousands of pictures on my computer. When I did a backup earlier this year I think there are close to 50,000 photo files. Can you imagine the pictures I have to go through? Its so hard to choose.

I want a mixture of details/parts/things in our life (ie… Hudsons newborn feet, Porter playing with the truck, his frog boots, Porter holding my hand… etc) and a mixture of “people” (Ryan and I, Porter and Hudson etc…)

I’ve “narrowed” it down to these images… I’m sure there are a ton more that I could include, but these are the ones that I’ve found this evening that strike my fancy. I can always replace out the images later on if I want, I figure. And I will need to update it with new image of Hudson too…

Anyhow… I need TWELVE pictures ONLY. Can you tell me your favorites? (right click > open in new window/tab to see this larger)

FYI…. I’ve already ordered 1e, so that will definitely be on the wall.

  1. That was definitely hard! They are all so good! I like…in no particular order…1A (both boys)5B (Nicole and Ryan)5D (Hudson)4A (Hudson)2B (Porter)5A (Nic and P)1B (Ry and P)6C (Ry and Hud)3A (Nic and Hud)3D (Porter)4B (both boys)I would also get the one of Ryan’s mom and Porter and put that in a special place in the house….All very good!

  2. LoL…i dont comment very often, but i read your blog all the time and i love your photography…i think they are all good, but my favs are (and I had a really hard time narrowing it to twelve, too…lol)3 & 5A1, 2, 4, & 5B1, 4, & 6C5D1E & 1FAnd i'm with kml – i think 4D and 2E should be framed somewhere else in the house…cuz those are great, too…

  3. a3 nic and babyb5 nic and rya5 nic tickling pb1 p on ry’s shouldersc6 ry and hb4 boys on bedc2 p swinge3 h sleepinge5 hand holdinga4 h grinningb6 p grinning(e1) boysI’m weird about pictures of extended family in my house in a group… like if I have one gramma or aunt or cousin in a picture that’s part of a grouping, I feel like it has to be “fair” and I have to include all of the family. Like if I wanted the pic of your boys and the murphy girls on the wall, I’d also feel like I’d have to put in one of Aubri. Or if one gramma was up on the wall, I’d want both grammas… and grandpas! So to simplify, I just stuck with your family in the pics I chose. I would definitely put those others in the running in frames elsewhere though… especially the one of P and his gramma!

  4. I can see why you are having sucha Hard Time! Beautiful pics Nicole! Here are my Favs! 4a, 4b, 5b, 2c, 5d, 1a, 2e, 3d, 1e1 1c, 2f, 3e, 2bGood Luck!

  5. They are all great and maybe like you said, you could change them up a bit now and then to update them. My fave’s for the wall are:A 1,4,5B 4,5,6C 1,2,6D 3,5E 1I understand what Heather M had to say about extended family and agree. You could put some of the extended family ones throughout the rest of the house. 🙂

  6. they are all so good! i don’t know how you narrowed it down this far!a1, a4, a5, b2, b5, b6, c1, c6, d4, d5, e2, e3.can’t wait to see the finished wall!

  7. You have enough choices but I just thought I would add that Ry’s mom should go in a special frame and that I would keep the 12 pics to just you guys to keep with the immediate family flow. 🙂 PS: I wish I could afford to hire you….you truly have an amazing gift. Either that or have you hire me as an apprentice so I could learn. 😉

  8. Ok wow… so many cute pictures! I am dreading going through what i have…I have a wall to do also! Maybe yours will inspire me! :)I like this grouping of pics…but there are 12 so you would have to eliminate one since you already have one… :)2F6D5B5D6B5A6C4B2B4E3D2E

  9. I agree that your wall should maybe just be the 4 of you and then get a few others to hang or sit somewhere else of family. I love the pic of Ryan’s mom and think it needs a spot of its own…same with the cousin shots… then you can pick easier!

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