More Halloween Spirit

I got home from work today to find this post from Heather… I was so excited to be reminded of her neighborhood tradition from last year and even more excited to try it out in our new neighborhood. Well, technically we live on a “street” but the 4 houses surrounding us are really friendly and on the other side of the school is an actual neighborhood.

So, the boys and I picked up some Halloween goodies while grocery shopping this evening and made up 3 “Boo” bags. We dropped one off next door to the Patton’s… its Linda’s birthday today so I thought that’d be nice. And tomorrow we’re going to take the pumpkin bag to the Kelly’s behind us (they have 2 little kids) and the other bag to a random house in the neighborhood on the other side of the school. I’m wondering if it’ll bomb or if it’ll spread. I guess we’ll see. We don’t have a ton of kids on our road, but I thought that it’d still be fun regardless. Who doesn’t like to get a surprise on their doorstep?Hudson was in the Halloween spirit today… I dressed him in a little Halloween onesie/hat set and oddly we had a Nuk sucky that happened to match. ‘Tis the season! HAHA!

He loves to suck/chew on his two fingers. Dear God if there is a tooth coming in, please make its way soon. The kid needs a bucket to catch all his drool.

  1. Oh that sounds like a lot of fun to do. Not sure how my neighborhood would do. Maybe I’ll make a few and do them this weekend. Loved the outfit that he was in today!! And I also noticed the two fingers, I had to pull them out a couple times when I was feeding him and thought maybe he was starting a new habit. LOL!

  2. What a great idea! I don’t know if my neighbors would get it, should I give one to the nut who lives next door? LOLHudson’s outfit is super cute. Grace wore her Halloween outfit today too, gotta love Target.

  3. I might try the “Boo” thing in our neighborhood….it’s packed w/ kids!! Hudson looks too cute! I bought Nolan an outfit, but it’s probably going to be too small in a few weeks…..I’ll have to put him in it soon….he’s MASSIVE! Ha!

  4. OK, you just totally confused me as I couldn’t figure out why there were baby pics of Porter at Halloween! Whoa, hello can we say brotherly resemblence????? (Is brotherly a word? LOL)

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