Look what we got done today…

I had this table in the hallway upstairs. Today I sanded and restained it. Bought a new frame for my beloved picture of the boys. Voila!

And look what my fabulous hubby finished for me tonight….
Now I just need to make some decisions on what prints to order and we’ll be all set!!

Here are a couple of pictures I took today of the boys (as well as the new pics in my banner…)

Hudson loved the leaves… he was all about trying to eat them…gagging on them, slobbering on them, gnawing on them. Yuck!

Check out our super large pumkins… love Adams Farm Market. They have the best!And Mr. Porter… he’s my least willing subject, so I haven’t been taking as many pictures of him lately. Poor Hudson isn’t able to run away from me yet….

  1. Love the table & the CUTE pics of Hudson – he looks just like Porter. Don't you have some of Porter in that same little hat? They look so much alike!

  2. I could see those new decorated areas in your home being some awesome sweet spots! I like them a lot! Im curious as to what u did with the foyer as well. The pics of the boys and the new banner are great! So festive!

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