Take the whole darn nail if you want

Today I had toe surgery. Relax… it was nothing major. My big toe is bandaged in bloody gauze… I’m a-ok other than that.

Some of you may know already that I have terrible big toenails. Instead of growing flat, the sides curve downward and actually grow down into my toe. OUCH! For the past 10 or so years I’ve dealt with it and cut the side at an angle and ripped backwards toward my cuticle to get the nail out of my toe. OUCH! Well, about 2 weeks ago my “toe surgery” (as Ryan calls it) was unsuccessful and I’ve been in pain ever since. I did a little googling and was surprised to find out there was a pretty simple procedure that I could have done to take care of the issue now and forever. So, today I had a partial nail avulsion on my right big toe. I’ll go back in a few weeks to have the other big toe done. If you want to see what the nail avulsion involves, you can watch this video. Warning… kind of gross. Stupid me watched this before I went to the doctor so I about made myself sick from nervousness. However, I felt not a thing and my toe still doesn’t really hurt at all! 🙂 I told the doctor he could take my whole darn nail if he wanted to… that for quite some time I have joked about having my big toenails removed. He laughed and said that was quite uncommon to hear a woman not worried about losing her big toenail! LOL.

Oh, and a Porter funny today…. He was eating something (I think? Or maybe he’d coughed all over his hand?) and I asked him to run and wash his hands real quick. He ran down the hall and then I heard the toilet lid slam and he ran out wiping his hands on his pants. Know where this is going??

Me… “Porter, where did you wash your hands?”
Porter… “In the toilet.” (oh-so-matter-of-factly!)

  1. Holy crap, I cut my toenails the same way!! Only my toes and nails are ruined from so many years of long distance running. They are sick. Drew calls me “skank toes”. haha! Remind me to tell you my crazy toe/bridesmaid story when we are scrapping.I can’t believe Porter washed his hands in the toilet!!!

  2. Im gonna need something like that one day im sure. My Dad had problems with ingrown toenails and had one toenail removed. I also have problems with ingrown toenails, but have never had it so bad that I had to go get them fixed or cut. I usually just try to pry it out after a hot shower and usually works, until it grows again. You’ll have to explain to me how all that works and what your nail will look like afterwards.

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