Love that kid

Porter is having issues tonight… he’s becoming afraid of “unseen” things like monsters and moose. Yeah, moose. For quite some time now he’s been afraid of moose- weird. Lately its been monsters and he’s been wanting his bedroom light on when he goes to bed. He’ll fall asleep with it on so usually I humor him and let him keep it on.

Well, tonight he’s having a rough night. Went to bed and I tried to appease him with his nightlight and pumpkin lights. Well, after a little bit in bed he started bawling and said there was a monster in his room. I left his bedroom light on and he fell asleep.

He just woke up crying- its 11pm. I finally got him calmed down and I went to leave the room and he says “I want to kiss Hudson. I want to kiss him goodnight on the forehead.” Oh my sweet lord… I just love that kid! (P is so into kissing on the forehead lately… it cracks me up and melts my heart at the same time. He’ll go to give you a hug or kiss and say “On the forehead. Now you kiss me on the forehead.”)

I told him he could tell him good morning when he wakes up and give him a kiss on the forehead then. That seemed good to him, and I can guarantee he’ll be begging to greet Hudson when he wakes up.

  1. What a sweet boy! I have an idea! “Monster Be Gone Spray”!! Get a colorful water bottle, and make a sticker or just write on it Monster Be Gone Spray. Have him spray some around his room before he goes to sleep. (If you try it, you have to let me know how it goes!)

  2. OMG, Morgan said the other night that he was scared because there was a moose in his closet!!! That is so freaking strange, maybe they’ve been calling each other! I mean… a moose????

  3. i love the idea jen had of ‘monster be gone spray’ – i might have to try it. lately tucker has been talking about monsters in his room. WHERE on earth do they come up with this stuff?

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