Porter is frustrating me. The kid keeps tearing up his books… as in peeling the covers off or ripping pages. This is a new behavior… he’s never ever ripped books other than on accident. We’ve always had his thin paperback books out for him to access- even as a10/11 month old. And he’s always treated his books nicely from the time he became interested in books/reading (around 11 months old).

Why now? Why at 2.5, when he’s obviously old enough to understand you DON’T rip up your books, would he start destroying them?

Kids confuse me.

  1. Reyna tore two of her fave books when she was around a year. She is still upset to this day about it. I hope she doesn’t go back to tearing up books. It drives me crazy! I remember doing this when I was young (old enough to remember though) and upset about something.

  2. My daughter has a couple of those board books about a specific animal, i.e. a frog, a sheep…etc, well they each have that little mechanism in it that if you push the button it makes the sound of the animal. last week she peeled back the layers of board on the back cover to get at the mechanism. we didn’t notice until she was walking around the house with the mechanism in her hand and the book lay on the floor shredded apart. it’s an awful stage, we just do our best to remind them that they have to take care of the things they love otherwise they get taken away!

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