Kickin’ it old school

We are down to the wire and tonight was the only night this week Ryan will be home so we decided to carve our pumpkins (well, 2 of them at least). Now, I’m all about getting into the holidays- decorating, activities, etc etc… but I do have to say, carving pumpkins is not a favorite project of mine. I really don’t care for it at all but for the sake of tradition and creating memories, carve we did.

Last year we attempted to get all creative and print off patterns from online. It was a pain. in. the. ass and this year I decided we’d do the traditional Jack-O-Lantern face on one and a Mickey Mouse silhouette on the other (Porter is really into Playhouse Disney lately!). Not real creative, but whatever.

Porter was grossed out by the guts of the pumpkin, so of course Ryan and I got the fun job of cleaning them out. I saved a bunch of pumpkin seeds to hopefully plant in the spring and grow our own pumpkins next year!

(Micky is NOT supposed to have a pointy chin… my knife got a bit carried away)

Yesterday I was pretending to be Super Mom and did quite a few projects with Porter when I got home from work. We played with Play-Doh, painted with water colors, made footprint ghosts with both the boys and a cute fall tree. I love kid projects that incorporate their hands/feet… I want to create a collection to look at throughout the years and see how much they’ve grown.

  1. I’m sort of dreading the pumpkin carving but will do it for the sake of tradition.I can’t believe how big Hudson is getting! :)Thanks for the project ideas…my mission is to do something fun with her this weekend!

  2. Sounds exactly like our pumpkin carving. We usually go all out and get patterns and stuff, not this year. Just plain ole pumpkins. Well, Brian got weird on 2 of them and they look ridiculous, but oh well. I didn’t have to do it. I too hate carving pumpkins! Great job on being super mom! That’s my plan for friday! I think I can only handle one day of being awesome this week!

  3. okay – i love the mickey mouse pumpkin (might have to steal that idea since tucker loves disney right now too). i’m dreading cutting pumpkins this year too (we have no time)! great project ideas too – love ’em!

  4. Holy crap that’s a big pumpkin! It looks like it could eat Porter! It did take me a while to see Mickey though, I just saw two big eyes and a big mouth LOL

  5. ugg. i have to do ours still. dreading it. last year i did 4…alone…while peyton took pics of the crack of my ass. ahhh. family times.

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