Halloween 2008:

Well, Halloween didn’t start out so great. My day was crazy-productive for the first half and then I spent 2 hours tryign to get Porter to fall asleep for his nap. He finally fell asleep around 3 and at 4:45 when LeeAnn called to say they were stopping by so the boys could see eachothers costumes I decided to (horror music) wake Porter up.

He was excited at first, and then when he got downstairs to put his costume on a switch flipped and he turned into whiny, crying, brat-mode. I was getting pissed and was like “I’m going to trade you in for a kid who will appreciate all the fun things we try to do for you, Porter!” (GAH!) Seriously, though, it seems like EVERY time we try to do something fun with the kid he flips out and can not have a good time. I got a few pictures of his meltdown, his uncooperativeness to take pictures with buddy Lukas. Maybe my kid has performance anxiety? HAHA!

Lukas is like… uhm, I’m going to concentrate on this candy while freak-boy has his meltdown.

Isn’t Hudson just adorable in the infamous chicken costume? I’m so glad I reused it. I spent a lot of time on that thing and I’m so proud of it! He was a trooper… he just hung out and smiled and watched all the commotion.
I had originally wanted the boys to match costumes… you know, a theme. I ended up not doing so matchy-matchy this year (maybe next year when they trick or treat together). However… I guess they could be Buzz Lightyear and Al from Al’s Toy Barn in Toy Story 2 HAhA!
Once they left we went inside and Porter calmed down. He ended up taking his costume off because we were getting ready for dinner. Then Heather and Aubri showed up and he was in great spirits and so excited to get his costume back on and show Aubri. So we got dressed back up and went outside to take a few more photos before heading out to trick or treat. Aubri was absolutely adorable in her Ariel costume.

We loaded the kids up in the wagon (Heather, Ryan and I took P and A… we left Hudson at home with Ryan’s dad) and walked through the high school parking lot to the little neighborhood up there. (Our road doesn’t really pass out candy- no one comes down our road). Everyone was laughing at Porter’s costume… “AWW! Look at the little Buzz Lightyear!” chuckle chuckle. I do have to admit, he was so cute and funny looking with his little wings and his space cap on HAAH! He and Aubri were so darn cute running up to the houses. Aubri, who is Miss Slowpoke was going SO fast and actually beating Porter up to some of the houses. She doesn’t get candy that often and she was on a mission to score some major loot tonight! They did a great job yelling “TRICK OR TREAT” and saying “Thank you” afterwards. They went up to most of the houses themselves while we stood back near the road. It was adorable to watch.

The neighborhood we went to was hit or miss… it seemed like every third house had their light on, which kind of made for long walks with the two little kids. (I was thinking though that its kind of a transient neighborhood and maybe people in that neighborhood are getting hit hard by the economy/loss of job and just didn’t have money to pass out candy. Candy is expensive!!) Maybe next year we’ll try another neighborhood.

Anyhow… I’m loving reading all the blog updates and seeing all the kids in their costumes. I’m trying to post a comment to everyone (well, I will try… haven’t started). I’m amazed at some of the loot you guys brought back!

  1. lol! that first picture is awesome! i love both the buzz and chicken costume – CUTE! all the halloween updates are so fun. you got some great shots – tucker was too excited to even sit still! πŸ™‚

  2. HAHAHA, I love it. Love all of the pictures and the chicken costume is downright hilarious πŸ™‚ Also, Toy Story is one of MY favorite movies ever so I love that too!

  3. Great photos! And that chicken costume is amazing! When Ali is big enough next year we will have to subject her to a funny costume as well- cheap entertainment πŸ™‚

  4. The chicken outfit is sooo cute!! I vaguely remember Porter wearing it. I knew I had seen that before. πŸ˜‰ I forgot how cute the costumes used to be when mine were little. Now, the older 2 are at the age where picking out costumes and telling them what to wear is annoying/boring to them. LOL!! ;P

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