This makes me nauseous (let’s see if this video works)

I can barely stand to watch it. I’ve heard its being investigated. It appears to be some kind of insane dance/swinging routine with a 9 month old baby. I’ve watched it a few times, trying to see if somehow its a fake baby but no… it looks damn real to me and I can’t see how they’d be able to edit the video to slip in a double. Each time I’ve watched it I just keep waiting for the baby to whack the tv or something. But at the end… he’s all grins. WEIRD.

Watch more LiveLeak videos on AOL Video

  1. Having a child with prone nurse maids elbow and wrists (just pop out of socket easily) it makes me cringe. That is awful.

  2. thats horrible. Im surprised the kids arms don’t pop out of his socket. thats gross. I thought what you thought Nic, that the kid was going to smack the tv. Who the hell does that with their baby?!??!

  3. OK that is WRONG!!! I could not watch it through the end. It made me sick. That would be shaking baby syndrome… that poor baby. That is damaging that child’s brain, bones, muscles, joints, EVERYTHING. Ahhh.

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