Hopping and Slobbering….

That’s what my day has consisted of. Hudson is a drool bucket… errr… he NEEDS a drool bucket. He soaks a bib in no time and we go through about 5+ bibs a day. And its not just the bib… he goes right through his shirt as well. I don’t remember Porter being this drooly.

Porter got into the Halloween candy that Lori brought over last night and the kid has been hopping and skipping around the house ALL. DAY. LONG. He can’t even manage to walk when I tell him to slow down and walk. He walks for like 2 steps and then he’s hopping again. He is off the wall. I swear he took energy pills or something. And the kid definitely doesn’t need energy.

We’ve had a pretty lazy weekend… it was nice to not have to go anywhere or do anything. Probably the first weekend of that sort in the past 2-3 months. I’m still in my pj’s today! Love those kind of Sundays. We spent the weekend hanging out, playing with the boys, peeling wallpaper, hanging out with friends, watching movies and organizing/rearranging the playroom and basement.

I finally took Hudson’s 5 (err…5.5) month photo with the bear….

  1. Very cute pictures. He is getting so big, its crazy. It seems like you just had him. Jane’s right, he looks so alert. I love the picture of him looking at his toes close up!

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