So many boys…

I swear, my life is destined to be surrounded by testosterone. Many of my close girlfriends have boys… Katie is another blessed mommy of TWO little men just like me. Katie’s husband works late on Mondays and since Ryan has class Monday nights I thought that I’d have them over tonight to keep us company. So, we skipped Milk and Cookies Storytime (although not intentionally… I forgot again until it was 7:30… but really, last week I got there 10 minutes late and it was already over so its kind of a waste of my time to drive 30 min. round trip for a 10 minute story) and had Katie, Donnie and Nolan over for dinner and play.

Since Porter and Donnie have pretty much grown up together since the ripe old age of 2 weeks and 8 weeks, respectively, and Hudson and Nolan are on their way to being buddies as well, I wanted to get a picture of our 4 little dudes together. It was interesting, to say the least.

Hudson and Nolan were pretty interested in eachother. They were so funny “talking” to eachother in their baby coos and squeals and burbles. Of course, their main focus was anything they could get in their mouths.
Porter, for once, was excited to pose for a photo. He just loves babies and was all about Nolan.
Donnie, on the other hand… wanted to goof off.
And, well, this is the best we got…

  1. Those pictures are hilarious and so cute!!I am surrounded by boys too–I have two brothers, boy cousins, Drew has a brother, and I have a son. At least one of my dogs is a girl though!

  2. Oh so cute! I am surrounded by boys too! There are 9 boys between me and my three closest friends from highschool. I totally think it must be in the water.

  3. OMG…. I can't believe how BIG the boys are getting, those pics. of Donnie & Porter are hilarious! It's SO crazy that they're already almost 3yrs. old… it makes me sort-of sad to see them growing up so quick!:( I think it'll be fun to tell our kids about them hanging out together since they were babies & being so close in age, they'll have known each other pretty much their whole lives… both sets! Awwwww… Geez, I better stop before I get carried away and start talking about them going off to college and getting married! LOL!!

  4. I am thinking I need to have you over for a playdate….I am drowning in a sea of estrogen over here and so help me, if trip over one more plastic high heel, I might totally flip out and dress all three of them in blue jeans and tonka truck shirts. *wink*

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