One Time Use Only, Pal

Porter was going potty before bed and after he hopped off the potty and I sat down to go. He started screaming “NO! Not on mine! Don’t go pee on my pee pee!” I started peeing (woah TMI) and laughed at him as he said “NOOO! Don’t go on MY pee! You’re a mean Mommy!”

Then… he was supposed to be in bed with the lights off (more on lights/sleeping later… maybe a TFT?) and he had the lights on and was in bed reading a book. I said “Lights off, Buddy, time for bed.” I sat down in my office (the doorway is across the hall from his room) and he got up, came to the door and said “Turning it back on, Pal.” and closed his door. I was well…stunned and confused. Did he REALLY just say that? I went to his door and opened it as he was turning the light on. I said “What did you just say to me?” He said “Get out of here, Pal.” OMG OMG OMG! What a punk! I had to stifle my laughter, though, as obviously he’s not allowed to talk to us that way. (although lately… he’s being so testy with how mouthy he can be) I asked him “Who says Pal?” He says “Mickey does.” Ahh… MickeyMouse Clubhouse….

Kid, you’re cracking me up lately.

  1. Oh dear, you have me seriously cracking up. A few times now that Elyse has been in school I have heard her refer to me as “girlfriend” with that oh so familiar big girl attitude that I know you know well. Porter seriously cracks me up and I hope he goes on to make himself thousands (wink wink) as a comedian! HAHA!

  2. Oh Boy!! That would be hard not to laugh. What do you say to that? Umm yeah don’t call me “pal” haha. thats funny that he heard it from mickey! haha!

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