My new way to display Christmas cards…

I found this great idea on BHG or Martha Stewart or something…. a card tree. So, yesterday I set off to make this “card tree” to hang my Christmas cards from.

I’m sure my neighbors thought I was a little crazy as I paced the woods across the road from our house, searching for the “perfect” branches for hanging cards from. I brought in a huge bundle of sticks (in which Ryan was none to happy with!) and went to work to make my tree.

I think it turned out great…. I put it in one of my glass candleholders which has been put out of commission during the month while decorated with Christmas stuff, and refilled it with rocks to hold the branches in place.

Tied the glass jar off with a wide copper ribbon and there ya go! The branches even have some little black dried berries on it 🙂

For hanging the cards, I am going to punch a hole in the top and string a ribbon through. And then put some beads on the ribbon, tie it off and hang it on.

We’ve only received one card so far, so let’s get them rolling in… I have a tree to fill!

  1. That is soo stinkin’ cute!! I have started taping them to my wall in a kind of collage sorda way. I will have to bookmark this for next year though and hopefully find a place for one one these makes!! Its gonna look great in your living room!

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