Which would you choose?

I bought new fabric to make pillows for the living room. Most of the room is tans/browns/creams with black furniture, but I have those green vases I bought for the fireplace and I wanted to bring in more of that green color to the room. And… I was sick of the red and orange pillows that we’ve had forever.

So… there were two fabrics I was torn between so I bought a half yard of each… enough to make two pillows (with a cream backing). One is a green paisley and it has a tint of the blueish color that is in the foyer. The other is just a green and cream pattern.

  1. Why don’t you put both of them together? One pillow of each on each side of your couch?? Or on both couches…. Are the greens the same or similiar, because they both look very similiar in color in the pics. I do LOVE paisley, but I think you should to put something else with it….just my opinion.

  2. Hi Nic! I really like the Paisley print. Both would look nice though, but I am a fan of paisley. šŸ™‚ Also whats the status on the photoshop cd?

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