All 4 kids are miraculously in bed either asleep or on their way. Hudson is still being a fussy butt… he’s not feeling well still and is puking/spitting up at least once or twice a day. (He has hardly ever spit up). I took him back into the doctor yesterday b/c he had 6 diarrhea diapers. He weighed 15lbs 14oz… down 6oz since Monday. They said he looked fine and to keep him hydrated and that it was not abnormal that the stomach bug is taking so long for him to get over (something about the more you’re exposed to it the less it will affect you).

4 kids is definitely a handful… someone is always waiting. The big kids waiting for lunch so I can get the babies situated and happy. Hudson waiting for his bottle while I made lunch for the big kids. Addisen waiting for her bottle while I laid Hudson down. Porter waiting to have his butt wiped while I feed Addisen. Aubri waiting to have her teeth brushed while I put Porter down for a nap. And so it goes. Really, its not terrible but Hudson is being super clingy since being sick. The big kids were up at 7:45am, tv off at 9am after MickeyMouse Clubhouse and we even managed to do a snowman project this morning while the babies napped. However… I do NOT plan to ever have 4 kids under the age of 3.5 LOL!

I now have an hour and a half to shower and clean up my house. Heather and I are taking the babies to Ann Arbor to return some things and to go to the resale shops to hunt for Christmas dresses for the girls and to hopefully tackle some Christmas shopping. Oma is coming over to sit with the big kids until Ryan gets home and then he’ll be hanging out with them this evening.

About my blog design… I got the directions to change the background from this blog SJH Blog Design. I think I found that link through Denise’s.

I have recruited a new blogger… my sister! She and the girls stayed the night last night and she briefly mentioned she thought about starting a blog because she likes writing. That’s all I needed to hear and I had Blogger up and was creating her blog in an instant! She hasn’t had time to write anything because she’s working today- obviously- but hopefully she’ll be encouraged to write and I told her she needed to become a commenter on others’ blogs in order to get some readership!

I have pics to share but no time to upload. I’ll attempt that later. Off to shower the puke and snot off me 🙂

  1. I will have to check both blogs out!.. I am always looking for new blogs..cuz I dont have enought to do or something…:).. I love the new blog.. i will have to try something like that too.. been looking for a new blog look

  2. ooh i like your new background. i couldn’t see it before, i was using google chrome and it must not work in that browser. before i just thought you changed your banner 🙂 love it!

  3. Hope Hudson gets better soon! I know what it’s like with too many kids under a certain age…I’m *praying* I won’t be one of those ones with 4 under 3.5. LOL! Love your new bacckground!

  4. I hear you on the kids always waiting thing. And you are right…someone usually is waiting. So far, they are learning to adjust but that is just how it goes with that many and only one pair of mommy hands. I like the new blog look too! Very classy and yet somehow festive. I finally figured out how to change mine! I WAS SO PROUD! I hope you had fun today…

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