Toddler Art

I’m loving that Porter is able to do “identifiable” art projects now. We’ve been doing the handprint project for each holiday (see our turkey in the photo?) and this past week we did a reindeer (love how P put on his eyes all lop sided!) and a snowman. Porter’s snowman is the one that looks a tad… melted… with arms coming out of his head and two different sized eyes. Too funny. And Aubri, in her true perfectionist style… did her snowman meticulously. And how do you like P’s picture of Papa? He’s just beginning to draw people and I love love love it. He’s a little hesitant to experiment and draw… he always wants me to do it for him (I usually will model for him how to draw simple stick people and then encourage him to try it himself). When he does draw, it cracks me up.

You can see the paint color in this picture… we’re putting a shallow shelf (4″) all around the room on that paint line. Soon. Soon.
I love this picture of Porter and Aubri. They are true buds, that’s for sure. She stayed with us on Thursday night (along with Heather and Addisen) and since Heather and I got back so late from shopping on Friday, Aubri stayed with us again while Heather took Addi home. Porter and Aubri play so well together and they’re always having the funniest conversations. Porter calls her “Aubs”… all day today he was saying “C’mon Aubs, let’s go _______. Hey, Aubs!” Its so cute.

  1. That is really great that they have each other as cousins to grow up with. Lukas is the first and only grandchild so far, so he doesn’t have that connection with family yet. But he sure does recognize his friends as his friends. Great pictures of the kids too!

  2. Those pics are so cute – I wish my kids have cousins. I doubt they will, doesn’t look like my sis or Brad’s bro will have any or definately not anytime soon.P is drawing people? That’s awesome! Morgan is a master scribbler still, you should see some of the beauties that come home from daycare HA! Usually the chalky paint has smeared all over my clothes as I’m carrying them in – ick!

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