Tuesday Randomness

  • I’m hooked on watching Season 1 of The Secret Life of the American Teenager online. A bit unrealistic and overdramatic at times, but pretty entertaining. Sadly, I know adults in their 20’s who act like some of these teens. I wonder how actual 15/16 year olds perceive this show? I’m on Episode 5 and oooh the plot is thickening!
  • I finally got around to refinishing some of our dining room chairs. We are using two from the set that came with the table- they’re a dark brown. We had these other 4 chairs from a maple table set and I painted them black.

  • I have 4 kids here today… Porter, Hudson, Aubri and my sister’s friends little girl, Anna. The kids have kept themselves pretty entertained today. Thankfully, three of the four are napping right now. Anna is downstairs watching Peter Pan.
  • Hudson had some more big people food today… Mac and Cheese (which seemed to slide right down his throat) and Cheerios. Anna loved feeding him.

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