I so so so need a night away.

I am losing my mind with this kid.


He is driving me insane.

Three days with both boys alone- one who is way too curious and into everything, one who is sick and whiny- too much for me.

I’m in need of a night to let loose, and I fully intend to do so tonight regardless of the fact that my two kids are still going to be home.

This past weekend I was tired. Laid the boys down for a nap and I decided to lay down as well. I woke up two hours later, walked by Porter’s room and noticed he wasn’t in bed. I feared for the worst. And I had every right to. I crept downstairs… quiet. I smelled the strong smell of 409 carpet cleaner and cucumber. Why? WHY? I peek into the living room to find Porter standing by the fireplace, cutting up a cucumber (a full cucumber) into little minced pieces with his kid scissors. And I find an emptied can of 409 carpet cleaner in the corner behind the Christmas tree (and my wood floor, carpet and P’s winter hat soaked in cleaning foam). GAHHH!

And yesterday I walk into the bathroom to find Porter standing on the sink, covered in baby powder, the bathroom covered in baby powder.

And today I baked cookies. And P comes upstairs (I was getting ready after taking a shower) and his face and shirt are covered in chocolate. I’ll give you one guess.

And THEN AGAIN…. I go downstairs to wash his shirt, come back up and find him in the bathroom again covered in baby powder.

Stress. Stress is filling my body.

I walk into my office (newly rearranged, I should mention!) and sit down to blog/vent. I glance at the wall and notice HUGE scribbles of blue marker next to my computer.

Ry’s dad was supposed to keep the boys overnight tonight but he’s sick with bronchitis and strep (sounds like fun!), so they’re going to be home tonight while we try to have a relaxing evening with friends. I have already warned Ry that he’s on D.D. (Daddy Duty, that is). I’m having myself a good time and going to try to forget the daily grind that will follow tomorrow.

  1. Oh man, I understand. I feel like as I’m cleaning up one mess, Dylan is making three more! It is a never ending battle, and I think I’m losing.Happy New Year! Have fun!

  2. ohhhh, based on that list – you DO need some time, or you will go insane! porter sounds like quite the handful – err… handS FULL! my first never got into anything but ruby – she’s taking the porter route. i feel for you!

  3. HAHA! I took a day off yesterday and just got out of the house… ran errands… visited a girlfriend. I have been home with my kids since Christmas week and it’s driving me crazy too! 🙂 I feel your pain… I am so sad we will miss you letting loose tonight!!!!!!! Have fun and wish everyone a happy new year!!!!!!!

  4. I am empathize with you on the night away Nicole! My two kids (almost three and 17 months) keep me hopping as well. The cucumber incident is pretty funny though. I feel your pain, I really do. I am going insane right now trying to potty train my daughter. I know she can do it and has been mostly peeing in the potty since September, but now she is getting lazy and doesn’t want to go on the potty anymore. I finally just gave up today and put her back in diapers. I am hoping that a little reverse psychology will work on her. I don’t know if I can outsmart a two year old…so far I have failed miserably in that department. I hope you have a wonderful and relaxing New Year’s Eve tonight, even if your hubby has to be on kid duty all night. Enjoy! Happy New Year!

  5. Oh No! I hope you have fun regardless and hopefully Porter will be Exhausted after his week of Naughtiness and sleep the entire evening. GOOD LUCK and Happy New Year!

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