There’s a chill in the air!

School is closed today! While its definitely going to hurt my paycheck (especially since I have Monday off for MLK day), I decided to look at it this way… its worth $100 or so to hang out with my boys today.

We’ve been hanging out in our basement a lot these last few weeks- doing movie nights with Porter after dinner. I’m able to scrapbook and still spend time with my guys and we can leave it messy and it doesn’t matter. So, today we’re doing a basement-hang-out day. We set up the PlayTent and balls, have Mickey Mouse Clubhouse on, I’m blogging and plan to scrap later. We’re just hanging out, playing and relaxing while its a chilly -13 outside. BRR!

Porter, thankfully, hasn’t peed/pooped in the house since this weekend. We surprised him with a visit to Maggie Moos last night to celebrate him making good choices all week. To clarify a few things… he was doing this on purpose- it wasn’t an accident in his pants (pants/underwear were dry every time). My sister suggested helping him pee standing up- maybe he was wanting to experiment with that, so we’ve been giving him the choice to stand or sit when peeing. I am wondering if he was just experimenting with peeing inside like he did outside all last summer… thinking “Hey, I can do this inside too!” I don’t know. Sometimes I’d like to know just what goes through that kids head….

We have a busy weekend coming up…. the Collins are coming over for dinner tonight, tomorrow Hudson has a doctor’s appt (his 6 month appt when hes nearly 8mos! oops!), my mom and I are taking Porter ice skating and then P is staying the night with his beloved grandma, Saturday we’re going to the Huffs to help them (well, Ryan) build closet organizers and then Ry’s dad is coming over for dinner and Porter is then going home with him to stay the night with Papa! Sunday so far is a relaxing day, although I may have a session snuck in there. WHEW! Monday… no school, so the boys and I are going to lay low again.

I’ll leave you with some bloggy hook-ups:

  1. sounds like a busy weekend! i have to work. i can’t believe how cold it is!!! i have to go to the store and i am dreading it!!!

  2. How cold is it there that they canceled school? It is -17 here with -30 windchill and we are ALL at school today! They never cancel school here, seems like they cancel where you are a lot??!!

  3. you lucky girl, they cancel school here for -35 with windchill but it is only -29 no windchill and everyone is at school. They still go out for recess that cold wich annoys me it only takes a few minutes to bare skin for frost bite. Sounds like you are having a fun day!

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