The ice was a hit!

I’m proud to say…. Porter had a great time ice skating today. It seems like every time I try to do something fun with/for him (case point here and here), he flips out and everything goes downhill. I decided to do a little prepping for today and last night we sat and watched some kids ice skating on YouTube and we talked about what it was going to be like ice skating (cold, ice is like an ice cube, slippery, hard to walk, we’d fall but it’d be funny and we’d laugh and its ok to not be good at it at first). He was really excited about going today, which makes me happy. I like to skate.

A rarely known fact about me is when I was younger I used to roller skate (ok, so I know… not exactly the same as ice skating, but similar) and was on the skating team and went around Michigan to skating competitions. Basically the same thing as ice skating only on roller skates. So, skating always has always been kind of special to me.

Porter had fun and thought falling was a riot. He was impressed with my skating skills HAHA! Its been a few years since I’ve been on the ice- I used to take Avery and Aria ice skating- well, mostly Aria as Avery was in school. Aria was right around P’s age when I started taking her and I had so much fun. I’m hoping that Porter and I can make it to the rink a few times a month and maybe in a year or two when he’s skating on his own we’ve talked about putting him in learn-to-skate/hockey lessons.


After skating, my mom wanted to head to Louds. Err… the Parlour. It used to be Loud & Jacksons a long time ago, so we just call it Louds. My mom and I split our usual… hot fudge ice cream cake. Porter got Superman with sprinkles.

All in all… great day. Porter is staying the night with my mom’s… which he’s thrilled about. I’m sure he’s getting away with all sorts of naughty behaviors, but as long as he’s happy we’re good. We’re just killing time waiting for some friends to get here for a game night. Should be fun!

*Old Navy has 50% off their clearance until the 19th if you enter code EXTRA50 at checkout. I just loaded up on clothes for the boys for next year…. like 25 items for $65!

  1. Um, HELLO Old Navy! Thanks for the tip!I totally forgot the Parlor was still there. We haven’t been there in forever. And my parents live just down the street, it seems like we’d be there every weekend!Anywho, super cute pictures 🙂

  2. That looks like fun! I have never seen those things to help people learn. I’m not sure the rinks have those around here, but I will have to find out. Is Porter 3 or 4 now? I can’t keep track. Glad he enjoyed it!

  3. Cute pics! I love skating too, both my kids have skated since 13 months and they love it too. That pic of you and Porter (not skating) you look about 14 years old!

  4. i’m glad you guys had such a great time on the ice! i love skating and am looking forward to bringing tucker this year too. porter’s hat is too cute!

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