Random thoughts

  • Its almost the weekend… hooray!
  • I went running today and although I’ve been “attempting” to eat better (aka… TRYING to start Weight Watchers) since the beginning of January, I think I’ve finally gotten to the point where I need/want to buckle down and do it. It might have a tiny bit to do with the fact that all my dress pants are friggin’ tight in the waist… similar to how they fit ohhh when Hudson was about 9 weeks old and I had a job interview. Sick. So, I ran today… 1.28 miles (says my Nike +) and well, it took me 20 minutes but I did it. In the damn cold. It’s a start.

  • I’m excited about scrapping Friday night at Stephanie’s (although not so excited about packing up my stuff I’ve gotten accustomed to sprawling out on my large tables downstairs!)
  • Feeling thankful for the awesome group of girlfriends I’ve accumulated in the past 2 years from so many different areas of my life. I remember being pregnant with Porter and feeling so down that not many of my friends had kids and those that did had toddlers already. And now… I have made quite a few great friendships through work, mom’s group, college, old friends and friends of friends of friends… Awesome how it works out.
  • Check out this adorable modern playroom

  • Feeling nervous about tax time. I’ve paid up my taxes ahead of time for my business (aka… I paid $2k last year and then throughout 2008 I also paid an additional $2200 to go towards this years taxes). I can’t imagine we’d owe money again (since I already paid up and also I did about half the business in 2008 than I did in 2007), but I’m secretly hoping for a return… its been a couple years since we’ve had a return and that would be nice for once!! A lucritive businesss sucks around tax time (although my FIL would say… if you’re paying taxes you’re not doing something right… aka… I need to buy more equipment to lower my bottom line…. hmmm… give me permission to buy more?! )
  • Last week I bought Porter some hockey skates…. for $6 at the resale shop! They’re in great condition and the perfect size. He loves them, but the last time we went skating (we’ve gone three times now), he was a little worried that we didn’t leave them there! Porter is doing great… skating around the rink on his own- no hands, no walker…. good job buddy!
  • Dreaming of remodeling our kitchen. Well, halfway remodeling. We have nice maple cabinets but ugly counter tops (although I’ll say I’m thankful they’re a neutral white and not pink or something…) and I am not crazy about the floor or walls or cabinet hardware. K and I got to talking about kitchens tonight and I proceeded to waste my evening looking up different options for counter tops. Originally we wanted to put in granite, but I found some awesome looking concrete counter tops online and I think that might be the way to go.
  • Those of you who know me well will find this hilarious…. I might become a mini-driver sooner rather than later! Originally we figured we’d keep the Pacifica for the next 3 to 4 years and then when we have a 3rd child we’d get a van. Its just the logical choice for 3 kids. However, there is a slight chance we may have the option to buy Ry’s dad’s van from him and if that opportunity comes up Ry wants to jump on it. Yes. I said Ryan. He is all over that idea… probably because he’s not the one driving it. Anyhow… I am actually kind of excited at the idea mostly b/c it’ll cut our car payment in half and I’ll now be able to leave the house when I’m watching Heather’s girls. And… since most of my friends have 2 kids now, we will be able to ride together when we go out of town to kids places. Yeah, yeah, yeah… back before I was a mom I said and I quote “I will never drive a mini”. Who cares. HAHA!

I think that’s all I have for tonight. I just wasted my evening looking up kitchens that I can’t afford and all the while I should have been doing photography bookwork. Go figure. And, here’s hoping for a snow day tomorrow! (not that any snow is in the forecast, but a girl can dream, right?)

  1. Congrats on your exercise! I can’t wait until after the baby is born and I’m able to swim away those extra pounds. I also said I’d never drive a van… but they’re starting to look more appealing… hahaha

  2. Keep it up! Once its warmer outside it will get easier. P in those skates is super cute! A little hockey player maybe??Im happy we’ve become friends Nic. Thanks to good ol’ Leslie. πŸ™‚

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