Random Bloggings

Today I’m subbing for the teacher I work with so I’m attempting to blog on my lunch hour. Or Lunch 40 Minutes. Which beats the 20 minutes I get normally. I planned ahead and sent an email to myself with a few pictures attached so I could add pictures…. not sure how they’ll be inserted as I’m blogging via email.

As of yesterday I now have DVR! Wooot wooot! I am soo sooo sooo happy. SO. Happy. We finally got AT&T internet in our “neck of the woods” which ironically isn’t that far from downtown. Weird. So we switched from hellatious Comcast over to a big ol’ package with At&T… our home phone, tv, DVR, internet and TWO cell phones and MORE minutes. Ryan finally has his first real cell phone plan!

Dish Network came over yesterday to hook us up and when I got home from work the first thing I noticed when I drove in the driveway was the tip top of two dishes sticking out over the playroom roof. I don’t mind too much, but we now have FOUR dishes on our house. Seriously? Two are from the previous owners, which Ryan will have to take down. Good thing they’re all on the back of our house… and even better that we don’t have any neighbors in direct view of the back of our house. Can you say hillbilly? .

I think we have another Truck Boy in our house. Hudson has become fascinated with trucks and wheels. So cute how he’ll lean as far as he can, pushing the truck back adn forth. He’ll also sit with the truck upside down and spin the wheels. Porter used to do this. I guess we’ll get a lot of use out of the 5 billion trucks in our house!

Speaking of Hudson…. he’s still not crawling but he’s becoming more “adventurous”. I say that lightly as his newest “feat” is rotating his body and getting one leg bent behind himself- in a sort of cheerleader jump split style.

And the boys… ohhh those boys…. the sharing issues have begun SO EARLY! Porter is having trouble sharing his trucks. Hudson likes them, Porter doesn’t like to share them. And really, its almost anything that Hudson has, Porter “had it”, says he. The grass is always greener on the other side…. or I guess I should say the toy is always more fun in the other persons hand. Porter and I have been reading the book Mine-o-Saur quite often and when he has sharing issues I try to remind him “No one likes a Mine-o-Saur, do they?” Sometimes I get a smart alec remark “Well, *I* like Mine-o-Saurs” HA!

Porter… funny boy. Last night I was laying with him in bed and he looks at me, held his fist out and says “Give me pound.” Love that boy.

Ok… must go eat lunch!

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