Squeezing productivity

Got a nice surprise today when Grandma (Oma) called and said my school had a 2 hour delay. The boys and I have been hanging out in the basment watching Surfs Up…. well, Porter kind of has. This past Sunday Ryan and I decided to start organizing the basement and perusing Craigslist for a sofa/loveseat or sectional. I’ve found quite a few I really like but they are either snatched up quickly or the people never email back. What the hell.

Anyhow, the “finished” portion of our basement is L-shaped. On one side of the stairs (we have a central staircase in the house) is a bedroom or office. The other side is a large family room area and off of that/behind the office/bedroom is the laundry room. (think of it as 4 squares with a staircase in the middle). So, the bedroom/office had two large doors on it and we decided that since we would use it as an office that we’d take them off and open up the space. It looks great (as great as our paneled/mismatched basement can look) and feels much more open. I can actually see the tv in the family room area from my desk.

I still don’t have my office stuff moved downstairs from the guest room on the 2nd floor. 2 flights of stairs=not fun to run back and forth with computer equipment LOL! So, this morning I decided to try to situate the office and get it ready to bring my computer downstairs.

I went to get dressed and realized I stupidly put my cotton khakis in the dryer. OHHh they’re skin tight. Really, though, I need to buckle down and STOP EATING SWEETS. Oh my word. I was doing good for awhile but then Monday night I called Ryan while he was at the grocery store picking up FRUITS and SALAD and told him to pick up COOKIES and FROSTING for Porter and I to bake. What the hell was I thinking? They’re all gone now… I ate 2 cookies for breakfast. I have no willpower.

Time is wasting away…. 40 minutes until I must leave.

  1. Don't you hate how people never call back on Craigslist? Drives me nutty!Love the pic of Porter & his cars…such a cute idea for Valentines day. I wish Gavin had the attention span to do something cute like that. LOL!

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