My how we’ve lucked out…

Remember the sectional we got for a steal of $175? Well… it was DEFINITELY a steal!

Ryan and his dad went to pick it up last night and when they got home Ryan said “You’re going to love it.”

And I did!

It is pretty much the same fabric as our existing couch, just a tad bit darker. And in great condition, minus a few of the cushions that are a little worn. I was so excited to have it put together in the basement but unfortunately, our basement door is in a rotten location and while they got the chaise and loveseat part downstairs, the couch part was just a tad bit too long.

So, I had to compromise and we improvised…. we now have part of the sectional in the living room and we moved our couch and loveseat downstairs along with the chaise. And I’m actually really loving how the sectional looks in our living room. Much more pulled together!

There are a few worn spots on it but you can barely tell… and the biggest spot is just covered by a throw pillow. Oh well…

And onto the basement. So ironic… we’ve spent the past 6 months working on getting the upper 2 levels of our house presentable and to our liking and I’ve found that on our days off we spend a lot of time in our ugly 1980’s paneling basement. Why is that? HAHA! Someday in the hopefully near future we hope to drywall the basement and put in recessed lighting and new carpet.

This is before (there used to be doors on that doorway). It still looks pretty much like this…. that room on the other side of the stairs is my office.
Standing by the stairs, here is the scrap area…
Standing by the living room area…
Looking into my office..
My makeshift desk…
And the “new” family room area…. You can see the chaise and our previous couch and loveseat.
There’s my scrap area to the left, behind the couch.

  1. That most definitely looks like a STEAL!!! You always find great deals on cragislist! You rock! And it looks great in your living room too! I cant wait to see it all set up tonight! πŸ™‚

  2. Great find Nic! Your basement’s really coming together. Can’t wait to see them both in person next weekend.Have fun tonight…Don’s going to be at Mary’s, but, I’ll be thinking about you guys and your margaritas. πŸ˜‰

  3. This is the second time in two days someone has told me about the great deals they got on Craig’s List. I need a Craig’s List tutorial from you. It looks great. I love sectionals, so comfy and room for both you and Ryan!

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