Minus one kid

Porter day to go stay with Grandma FINALLY came. He woke us up this morning not with a “Good Morning, Mommy and Daddy” but with “I’m ready to go to my Grandmas!”

I told him she wasn’t awake yet so we went downstairs and made a fire in the fireplace and played in the living room until daylight was fully here (the boys were up around 7am). Porter peeked out the window and said “The sun woked up! Grandma’s awake now! I can go to her house now!” Oh boy….. So we decided to call her and when she answered he greeted her with a “Hi Grandma, I’m ready to go to your house. Come and get me.” LOL! Can you tell he LOVES his Grandma?

So, we’ve been down one kid all day and its been kind of nice. We relaxed in the living room by the fireplace (this is the first weekend we’ve been brave enough to start a fire after getting an outrageous bid from a chimney company to replace our liner that only goes halfway up the chimney). Then I moved my computer and some office stuff to my new office downstiars and rearranged teh guest room.

Tonight we took my grandma (“Oma”) out to dinner at Outback. Hudson is in love with her so of course he was happy to see her tonight. We just got home and got Besser in bed and built another fire and are getting ready to snuggle up on the new super-comfy couch and watch a few movies we’ve DVR’ed.

Tomorrow my sister and I are heading up to Ikea. She’s getting the Expedit shelf for Aubri’s room and I want to pick up this Alve cabinet and some curtains for the dining room. Slowly its coming together… slowly.

A funny story that my grandma told me tonight…. (more Porter silliness, of course). We were talking about how attached Porter is to my mom and how attached Hudson and Aubri are to Oma. She was saying that Porter has been sitting on her lap a lot more often when she babysits and that he’s been randomly coming up to her and putting his arm around her neck and saying “You know how much I love you, Oma.” She said that, being silly, sometimes he’ll call her Grandma with a smirk on his face. She got to the point where she wouldn’t answer him when he would call her Grandma becaues he was just being goofy. Finally he said “Did you hear what I said, Oma? Can’t you hear the word ‘Grandma’?” and she told him “Nope.” HAHA!

  1. Haha! Oh man I love how silly kids are at this age.Tiegan loves her grandma too (actually her great-grandma, Jason’s grandma). She often reminds me how much she misses her grandma Judy.It’s almost like she’s obsessed – it’s great they love their grandmas but don’t you almost get sick of hearing it? It’s like… where’s MY love? lol

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