Meet Rory and Ella….

Seriously, I think I’ve lost my marbles.

Porter and I went to Lansing today to pick out a new pet.

TWO new pets (Hey, come on… they were buy one get one free and even more… they were discounted because they’d both been at the Humane Society for awhile!)

Let me start out by saying… I am a dog person. I really don’t “care” for cats. They are stupid, IMO. They can’t learn manners. They aren’t “trainable”… they do whatever the hell they want and that’s so damn annoying.

I digress… somehow I talked myself into a cat. TWO cats! (Hey! BOGO Free, remember!)

Porter was so so excited. He really was. He’s such an animal lover like I was as a child. I’ve always had this odd need to nurture animals… I was always bringing home lost baby rabbits, or baby birds or hurt animals or stray dogs… Drove my mom nuts.

At the shelter we browsed all the cat cages and then spent some time in Kitty Kingdom where a bunch of cats ran free. There were obvious cats that wouldn’t work for us… played too rough (nipping), growled or hissed at Porter etc. And there were a few comatose aka lazy cats. And then we found these two. They tolerated Porter picking them up… they snuggled up to him. They are so sweet!

Today Porter and I spent some time picking out names for our cats. I knew I wanted to pick out a boy and a girl. I wanted Irish type names as St. Patrick’s Day is tomorrow (crap… gotta dress kids in green!). It was between Charlie and Lola (P loves that show)//Rory and Tessa//Rory and Lola.

Well, we then fell in love with Ella and Stewie. Now, Ella I can live with. Its cute. Although… I do like the name Ellery for a maybe-in-the-future-daughter so I wanted to avoid keeping her name Ella. However, its kind of stuck. Stewie, however… no way. We decided on Rory, as it means “red haired” and well, he sure is red!

They’re warming up fantastically. They’re both super friendly and lovable. Rory moreso than Ella so far. He climbed up in bed with Porter and plopped down with us as we read a book before bed. And I really do like them!

But… ask me again in a week when they’re jumping on my counters and pissing in the piss-room… err… play-room. I’m sure I’ll have a different story for you then.

  1. I’m not a cat person at all either, although we’ve ended up with two of our own also πŸ˜‰ The two cats you chose are adorable! Here’s to hoping they continue to adjust well! Now you have made me want to get an animal of some kind,lol!

  2. You know I am a cat person and yes, you have lost your marbles. But, I think you will really like them. Kramer has never once jumped on a counter or peed somewhere else except when he had a kidney infection and he peed right next to the litter box. I like they are so independant. You can leave them for a few days (unlike a dog) and not have to think twice. They are very low maintence. Word of advice…NEVER start can food with them. Lucy eats it and DEMANDS it early in the am. It’s just plain annoying. πŸ™‚

  3. Oh My! They are pretty darn cute, and for BOGO, you can’t go wrong! Update about how they and you are doing! its a bit of an adjustment!

  4. yep you have lost it! j/k we are not cat people my husband is allergic to cats “NO CATS IN OUR HOUSE” so I have no helpful tips for you…other than to start drinking and drink a lot. πŸ™‚

  5. OMG – I am so jealous! I LOVE cats and those two are gorgeous! Hope everything goes well with them. If not, you can ship them to me. LOL!

  6. OMG. I’m shocked that you got cats. The girls are squealing with delight and very excited to see them. Lia, especially, has always wanted a cat, but, because of Don’s allergies, there’s no way. This will give her a little bit of kitty love at someone else’s house. πŸ˜‰

  7. They are BEAUTIFUL!!!!! Congrats! I wasn’t a cat person either until we got Zoey but then IO realized just how easy Cats are to take care of.

  8. Holy crap, Nicole! You are hilarious!!! I didn’t really think you would do it either! How are Zoey and Ramsey reacting? I don’t really like cats but those two are cute.

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