St. Patrick’s Day

We didn’t do much celebrating for St. Patrick’s Day… not that its a huge holiday or anything. After the week dealing with Hudson being sick… I am glad I at least managed to get Porter in a green shirt and green socks (even though the socks and shirt had nothing to do with each other… Lightening McQueen socks… HAHA!). Oma stayed home with Hudson and I took Porter to LeeAnn’s as usual. I thought it’d be nice for him to play and have fun without his fussy brother around.

LeeAnn was awesome and did lots of fun green things for the boys… green milk, green mac and cheese etc.

I had planned to help Porter make a Leprechaun Catcher like we do every year in school. However, with all the sickness in our house, it slipped my mind. In class, Maureen goes all out for the kids on holidays. The kids make leprechaun catchers at home and bring them to school with written instructions on how they work. They set the traps the night before and Maureen trips the traps and leaves gold coins for them. On their desks she leaves a bunch of goodies…. little pot of gold, candy, mint Three Musketeers, green apple, mint oreos and such. How fun!

Next year… next year I’ll try to be up to par on celebrating with Porter and Hudson! 😉

  1. Wow is that the teacher you work with? She was all decked out in Patty’s Day apparel! LOL! Thats pretty cool with the leprechan trap like you were telling me. Something Ill have to remember for next year!

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