Extra Clean, Low Miles, Nice Van

Can’t believe we haven’t sold that bitch yet!

My feet really DO have a raunchy odor… guess my hubby is right about some things!

You should buy a pregnancy test

$77 for snacks and drinks… and we barely touched them!

Ordering something other than chicken

But this is good light!! Everyone take a picture with me!

We definitely need bathroom spray…. I think poo was the topic of choice all weekend

Jane finally poops and the f*cking toilet won’t flush.

Nicole’s in the mood and Katie’s hard

Crack Whore Hooker Motels…. but it was clean!!

Ladies Night and Taco Bell go hand in hand

Was he your first Nutty Bar

Lori’s infectious pant-peeing laugh

What, are you the Protector? String Puller, Phone Caller, Window Bitch and Gadget Girl

Buying dresses from Gaps’ girl section

This weekend a few scrapbook girlies and I decided to take a road trip to the outlets and shop for some spring additions to our wardrobe. We headed a few hours from home to Michigan City to the outlet malls. I scored a great deal on a hotel…. luckily I decided to forego the motel that I had stayed at a few years ago for an actual hotel with a pool (which we haven’t used at all since we’ve been shopping non-stop the whole time!).

We took the train into Chicago for a day and hit up Windy City Scrapbooking as well as the Cheesecake Factory and some stores on the Mag Mile. We did great navigating everything and relaxed on the train ride home. Everyone seemed to be moving up the cars to get off, so when a conductor walked by we asked if our stop was next (yes) and if we needed to move up to another car to get off (no… you can stay right here and these doors will open for you to get off). So, the train pulls up to our stop and we get up to walk to the door. The doors won’t open. There is a non-english speaking asian couple can’t open the doors between the cars, so we couldn’t get up to another car to exit the train.

And then the train pulls away from our stop! By this time we’d made it to the next car and were complaining to a conductor who shrugged his shoulders and said “Too late… we’re moving now.”

There was another girl who missed the stop as well and we had no choice but to get off at Carroll St…. which wasn’t in that great of an area, but a little bit nicer than where we originally got on the train. Luckily, some Pentacostal (says LeeAnn) ladies were nice enough to drive us back to our van in their Excursion. On the ride, they told us they were glad we hadn’t walked as it wasn’t the safest town and “The Boulevard” was a gang area and we’d probably have been mugged, raped or hit up for crack. Niiiice…. They asked where we were staying and we told them on Franklin, and they said it still wasn’t a good area. I asked about the Travel Inn and they all were like “OH NOOO! That’s a crack motel!” OMG OMG! Good thing we are actually staying at the Comfort Inn!

So… then we’re driving through Taco Bell/Pizza Hut and we’re joking around with the lady at the window.

She’s like “New Van?”

“Nope… hubby works at a dealership…. Extra clean, low miles, nice van! Want to buy it?”

“Looks like a Ladies Night! How many of you are in there!”

Katie busts out singing “Ladie’s Night”

“Where’s a good spot to go out and Par-Tay!

So she tells us all these place to go (as if!) and we say “We’re staying at the Travel Inn… is that a good place?”

Her jaw drops and she says….. “You’re not from around here, are you? That’s a hooker motel!”


Eating something other than chicken…. RIBS!
Katie binging on our $77 worth of snacks!

more later…

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