Last minute stress

We’re leaving town and of course the last minute stress is getting to me. Addi is here today for her Saturday with Aunt Nic and Uncle Ry. I have bills to pay. Our internet is in an out with working. I can’t log into ATT to pay our bill, which is late. I have a checkbook to balance. I have laundry to do, directions to print out, bags to pack. Ryan’s at the hospital getting some bloodwork done and its taking him forever aparrently. I’m stressing and irritated and grumpy.

I sat on the phone to ATT customer service, which conveniently is in India or something like that, for half an hour yesterday on HOLD. I finally hung up. Our internet went out last night and I tried calling today to figure it out. I love ATT but this time around (we had it at our last house) we’re having a few glitches…. voicemail isn’t set up/working right… internet is out… online account registration won’t recognize our home phone number as our account. Grr. So after over half an hour on the phone this morning with some lady who couldn’t speak loud enough, I finally told her “I have 3 young kids here… two are crying. I have to go. I’ll call back later to figure this out.” She then went on and on how “you have a problem in your line… it needs to be fixed blah blah” so I hung up on her. THEN she calls BACK saying “I sorry we got disconnected…” I was like “No… I hung up on you… I told you had to go… I don’t have time for this.

So, I’m sitting here drinking a Smirnoff Triple Black… yum…. stressing and irritated and glad that the babies are sleeping and that there is laundry going. At least I’m being somewhat productive. The house is trashed, Ryan isn’t home yet and Porter is bugging me for food every half our. “My belly is growling hungry.” What?

Anyhow… wanted to share these hilarious pics of Hudson yesterday. He is a stinker trying to get the fireplace screen. We tell him no and he thinks its a game… laughs as we move him away and then heads right back. He finally got to the point where he’d laugh as I pulled him away but then he’d start to get mad/upset…. he didn’t know whether to continue laughing or crying. And then he put on his signature face. So precious…. so angry. HAHA!

Cutie Miss Addi…. isn’t she darling? She’s such a chunka bunka. Its so funny to pick her up after holding Hudson. He’s like a noodly string bean and she’s like a solid beef stick. HAHA!

Yesterday we did manage to play outside for a bit. We went on a walk after nap/rest time and then Kennedi and Eian came over for a bit.

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