There’s nothing cuter….

Than a little munchkin in a pair of Chucks. Immediately after taking these pictures the other night, Hudson lost one of his shoes in the grocery store. I was so bummed…. of course they’d be his Converse! Luckily, someone turned it into the Lost and Found. YAY!

  1. Well, you already know I think they are cute! How funny that I bought them on the day you posted this! I’m going to have to get a picture of them! I just love em!

  2. Oh my gravy, he's too cute! I love the Chucks. Can I ask where you got them? My sister is a huge fan of Chucks & would love it if Jonathan had a pair.

  3. love em! That first pic is my favorite. Funny story about losing shoes in public… about a year ago I was walking with Tiegan at the mall, holding her hand. Jason was talking to me and I was kinda dragging pokey Tiegan along in a hurry. She kept saying “mommy wait… mommy… MOMMY!!” and I kept telling her to wait because I was talking to Daddy. Finally I looked and she had lost a shoe – it was halfway back in the mall, still on the floor. LOL. oops.

  4. Is that Hudson?! Holy crap, when did he get so big?? I love chucks too, but so far all my kids feet have been too fat for them 😦 It didnt stop me from trying to squeeze their feet in them, lol, but it was a no go! I’m still holding out hope though!

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