Porter @ 3 Years, 2 Months

  • You have been calling me “Mudder”…. its pretty cute
  • One night you and Daddy were talking about playing outside the next day and that he would open the garage door and get your toys and bike out. You looked at him, amazed, and said “And you will open the garage door? Because you are the strongest guy in the whole world!?” So. darn. cute.
  • You call slurpies/slushies “Flushies”. I love it.
  • It snowed one random day in April and I had a chunk of snow on the windshield. You told me to turn on my “windshield shavers” and get the snow off.
  • You’ve adopted the theory with your brother of “What’s yours is mine and what’s mine is… mine.” You like to tell us, and Hudson, that “Its nice to share! You like to share!”… but you don’t like to do so yourself.
  • You are a bit of a bully with the underdogs… you know what friends you can pick on and it will get to them… and you know what friends not to mess with. You pick on Aubri all the time. And your neighbor friend Kennedi. And your brother, of course. But Ian and Lukas… not as much. And Lia, Shae and Brenna… those girls will hold their own! I am still trying to figure out how to make you realize the effects of your actions and why you should treat everyone the same. To you, it seems to be a game… a joke… something to laugh at. This… is not so cute.
  • The other morning I walked upstairs to find soaked wads of toilet paper thrown at the bathroom wall and door and down the hallway. And clogged up the sink and toilet. I thought I was in a middle school boys locker room. What the hell would possess you to do that? Needless to say, I made you pick up every little piece.
  • You’re quite clever, and I think that is what gets you in so much trouble. You think way outside the box. I hope that works to your benefit as you grow up. 🙂

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