Mirrors, ponds and playhouses

For the past, ohhh, 6 months I’ve been drooling over this Eagan Mirror from Pottery Barn. As much as I’d *LOVE* to have it in my house, I just don’t have the $700 to splurge on it. Darn!

Thank goodness for my random, spur of the moment “thought” and post on Facebook… my internet/old Scrapjazz friend Kayla saw my post and tipped me off about this mirror she just bought… that resembled the PB mirror. Might I had, $640 less!

I wasn’t as in love with it in person as I was at the thought of it being a lot more like the PB mirror. However, for a savings of over $600, it will do just fine! I think it looks pretty nice in the dining room. I’m just waiting on two prints to arrive. I’ve decided on a different color scheme in the dining room… I happened upon those prints and they had the aqua and green colors that the living room/foyer has in them. I’m not much of an “art print” type person… I prefer framed photographs. I rarely see artwork that I adore and would ever think to put in my house. However, this line of prints seemed to pull together those rooms perfectly.

You know there are boys in my house….. Porter’s “pond” as he says. As of late he’s been refusing to sleep in his room/bed. He wants to sleep in the guest room (or… “gas room” as he calls it HAHA). Whatever… that’s where he’s been sleeping. The Gas Room it is. After he was long asleep, Ryan called me upstairs to see something. He found this in the bathroom…. Porter must have been up dinking around before falling asleep. His trucks… in his “pond”.

Our weekend project: The Playhouse/Treehouse/whatever ya wanna call it.

Here is the “before” picture… how it looked when we moved in (minus all the bee hives and wasp nests inside):The deck is 7ft in the air. Not all that safe for little kiddos to play on. #1 mission was to put up a railing. We got that done earlier this week… a one evening project. Voila!

Porter’s favorite part is the steering wheel we put up.
Here is what we’ll be working on this weekend:

-Putting up an “arm” for two swings.
-Building an additional deck onto the side… the deck will be 4ft high, and be 4ft wide by 11ft deep (that’s how deep the playhouse/deck together are). We have a slide to put on the front. Beneath will be a 4ftx11ft sandbox… simple 2″x6″ sides.

The ladder to get to the slide/treehouse will be on the back of the new deck. That way kids don’t have to climb a 7′ tall ladder.

Needless to say, I’m hoping for a nice, rain-free weekend because we have lots of outdoor projects to get done!!

  1. that is an AWESOME playhouse!!love the mirror, it looks great. i love pottery barn… but the best is when you can find PB-looking stuff at non-PB prices. 🙂

  2. Ooooh, I think I actually like that mirror better? Can you share where you found it? And where did you find your black buffet? I have been looking everywhere for one similar to that.LOVE the treehouse, your yard will be the fun place for the kids to play this summer.

  3. I love that mirror in your dining room! I think it turned out really well in there. Better than a regular mirror. And maybe it is a better mirror for your room, seems to be more ‘simpler’. kwim? The play house is looking awesome! I know the boys will love it!

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