As a mom….

What is you favorite part of the day: When I get home from work and get big hugs from Porter and he says in my ear “I missed you so much.” Laying in bed with Porter and talking about his day. Getting a big smile from Hudson when he sees me.

Least favorite part of the day: Naptime, hands down.

Proudest Moment: I have so many its hard to pick just one. Like Jane said, its a compilation of moments. Whenever someone compliments me on my children- not just the “He’s so cute” compliments but the “He’s so well behaved” or “He’s such a good kid/baby” compliments. It makes my heart swell and makes me feel like I’m doing good at this most important job.

Your biggest challenge as a mother: This stage we’re in right now with Porter… the not listening, doing things he knows is naughty etc. I question myself daily if I’m doing the right things, if he’s going to turn out to be a maniac, if I’m failing as a parent.

Biggest Ooops/Embarrassing Moment: Oh a few come to mind: When Porter accidentally fell out of the car at the zoo onto the pavement and had a huge goose egg. When I parked the stroller at the Indy Children’s Museum and went to get in line for the Merry Go Round… and left Hudson in the stroller. Whenever Porter swears… because I can’t deny that he heard it from me. OMG this one trumps it all… the plane ride from hell on the way to Florida.

Thing you never said you would do or say (before you were a mom): Drive a mini van!

Thing you are most looking forward to: Seeing the boys’ relationship blossom. They’re so close in age that I hope they will be friends and confidants as they grow up.

Mother’s Day this year was great. I spent yesterday with the girls and this morning I was able to sleep in. Porter woke me up with a handmade card. I took Porter on a run (which sucked ass, let me point out) and then we worked out in the yard a little bit. That was my one request for Mother’s Day was to work on the house/yard. Nice, huh LOL! Really, I’ve been so pumped to get stuff accomplished around here that that sounded quite perfect. After lunch, Porter and I laid down for a nap while Ryan continued to work on the treehouse. I topped off the day with some grocery shopping (oooh… fun!), spaghetti dinner and a little scrapbooking and Desperate Housewives.

Ryan had already given me my Mother’s Day gift last week… this adorable necklace that Jane made. I love it so much and have been telling everyone about her Etsy shop! 🙂

I found this quote on another blog and I think its so 110% true:

“Mothering is a lifestyle. You live it. You breathe it. You are consumed by it every single day. There is no escaping it. There is no leaving it. The responsibility is utterly unbelievable. There are no breaks, no time outs, no days off and no moments of silence. It’s my life. And, despite all the years I wasn’t a mom, it is all that I know now.”

The one thing I missed today was having breakfast/brunch with my mom and a grilled dinner with Ryan’s mom (and family). It was kind of an odd Mother’s Day without Cathy… we always spent the afternoon at their house and grilled out. And I had hoped to again go out to brunch with my mom but never got around to making plans. Oops! It was nice, though, to not have anywhere to go and to just hang out all day at home.

Happy Mother’s Day mom and grandma! I love you guys so much.

  1. I absolutely love that necklace! I think I might get one for my sister in law when her little boy turns 1 ! What a great idea! Thanks for sharing! And, Happy (late) Mother’s day!

  2. That cracks me up that you left Hudson in the stroller. He is such a good little guy you forget about him!! Happy Mother’s Day.

  3. Thanks for posting about the name necklaces!! I ordered one w/my kiddies names on it and I can’t wait to recieve it :)I’m glad you had a great Mother’s Day!

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