Let’s play a game! A baby name game!

I love names. Baby names. (no… I am not pregnant nor will be anytime in the near future) I’ve always loved thinking up names that work well together for siblings. I love contemplating names for future additions to our family or even more so, friends families.

Right now there seem to be so many people I know that are pregnant! Leslie, LeeAnn, Kim, Kasey, Maria, Carrie, Ashley S., Jessica, Ashley M., along with a couple other friends who I can’t link to as they don’t have blogs or websites šŸ™‚

I always love to hear what names people are thinking about and get so excited when people share them! Of course all this name talk has me thinking “What would we name our 3rd child? What boy name would go with Porter and Hudson? What girl name would go well with their names?”

So… I thought it would be fun to play a little name game! I’ve listed a slew of sibling sets of friends (most bloggers but some IRL friends) and I want you to come up with a boy and a girl name for a sibling for them! It should be interesting to see what names everyone things will “go” together! (Need a little help or some ideas? Nymbler.com is a great site…. it helps choose names that have similar characteristics or origins)

Porter, Hudson and _________ or ____________
Lukas, Brady and ___________ or ____________
Emma, Graci and ___________ or ______________
Donald, Nolan and ___________ or ____________
Savannah, Sawyer and _____________ or ____________
Morgan (boy), Callie and _____________ or _____________
Aubrionna, Addisen and _____________ or ______________
Renee, Cameron and _______________ or ______________
Teegan (girl), Sofia and _____________ or ______________
Alyssa, Hailey and ______________ or ______________
Ally, Luke and _______________ or _____________
Hailey, Carter and ___________ or ______________
Benjamin, Annabelle and _____________ or _____________

Annika, Bianca, Bennett and ____________ or ____________
Gavin, Boston, Cooper and ____________ or ______________
Lia, Shae, Brenna and ____________ or ________________
Nora, Lucy, Daphne and ___________ or_______________
Elyse, Ashley, Shelby and __________ or _____________
Austin, Audrey, Alexis and ___________ or ____________
Amonte, Peyton, Cade, Ava and ____________ or ____________

Grant and ___________ or _______________
Reyna and ___________ or ____________
Max and ___________ or ______________
Grace and ____________ or ___________
Maya and ______________ or ______________
Alexandra and _____________ or _____________
Maeve and ___________ or _____________

Ok… so that’s a huge list but I thought this might be fun….. well, at least fun for those of us who are name obsessed!! I can’t wait to read your comments šŸ™‚

I am posting my ideas here:

Lukas, Brady and Isaak or Audra

Emma, Graci and Molly or Sam

Donald, Nolan
and Amelia or Henry

Savannah, Sawyer
and Scarlett or Spencer

Morgan (boy), Callie
and Carys or Camden

Aubrionna, Addisen
and Arabella or Sebastian

Renee, Cameron
and Brooke or Bryce

Teegan (girl), Sofia
and Reese or Colin

Alyssa, Hailey
and Cooper or Brynn

Ally, Luke
and Connor or Tessa

Hailey, Carter and Braden or Madelyn

Benjamin, Annabelle
and Josephine or Alexander

Annika, Bianca, Bennett and Camille or Asher

Gavin, Boston, Cooper
and Kendall or Kennedy

Lia, Shae, Brenna
and Maeve or Duncan

Nora, Lucy, Daphne
and Jasper or Willa

Elyse, Ashley, Shelby
and Mallory or Grayson

Austin, Audrey, Alexis
and Addison or Abbott

Amonte, Peyton, Cade, Ava
and Dawson or Eden

Grant and Avery or Cole

and Ruby or Tobin

and Ava or Sam

and Cora or Jonah

and Chloe or Asher

and Gabrielle or Chandler

and Finn or Ayla

Now… the hardest for me is my own kids! I tend to lean towards more old fashioned but making a comeback as trendy type names… I want something different and unusual but not necessarily “out there” or “made up” or “spelled weird”. I will put a disclaimer out there that my husband may or may not agree with any or all of these names.

For girls, I like Amelia, Hazel, Elsie, Charlotte, Selah, Ellery. Kind of funny… Hazel and Elsie are both names of aunts on Ryan’s side. Hazel was a wrapping paper pack rat and Elsie is known as the toenail clipper aunt by my friends (when she passed she had a garage full of BOXES of items from auction… and Ryan brought home a box of like 50 nail clippers… which he made everyone who came to our house take a pair home LOL!). I also had a great grandma Hazel on my side.

Boys are harder. I like more of the “last name first” type of name…. a little Old English style, I guess you’d say? Some of my favorites are Sullivan, Gibson and Rowan. Ok, so not that many. I have a hang up with boy names… I really don’t want any that end in “son” or “er” like Porter and Hudson. Which nixes lots of cute boy names that would fit my “last name first” and “Old English” style category.

  1. fun post!!! I wanna play- I’m worried I’ll use a name that we might end up using!!!! Right now I’m pretty set on 2 girl names- I have NO for sure boy names… so I’m afraid if I fill in the blanks I’ll end up going back and actually using one of those names! haha… I’m a freak about names too :)There are sooooo many names that I love- I just watched a baby story where the parents named their little girl “Poppy” and I thought that was just darling šŸ™‚ I AM IN DESPERATE NEED OF BOYS NAMES! SO feel free to drop some! šŸ™‚

  2. OK, these are for Kim – for a sibling for Max – I’m too tired to do the rest!Boys:Max and Grady (nickname Gray)Max and TateMax and OliverMax and Benjamin (nickname Ben)Girls:Max and PiperMax and WillowMax and Violet

  3. Oh you can bet I’ll play along… I could talk baby names all night!However, I’ve got another migraine tonight, so I’ll have to come back later. šŸ˜¦

  4. yea! I LOVE the name Finn šŸ™‚ I posted a looooong time ago (like before I was even close to being preggo) that I liked the name Finnegan! So I guess we’ll see šŸ™‚

  5. Naming kids is hard. I am WAY better at coming up with names I don’t like than names I do. And I hesitate to tell anyone what names I hate because I just know they’ll like them! šŸ™‚

  6. Too funny that you chose Avery and Cole for Grant…Avery is what my best friend just named her little girl (averi) and Grant has a second cousin that is the same age as him who is named Cole!If we have another boy, I want to name him Everett but Drew is not on board.

  7. i like both ava and sam. funny because i had told tom before it would be cool to find a 3-letter name we liked… so all 4 of us would have them! :)i keep checking back to see if anyone else commented on this one LOL!

  8. This is so funny bc we just talked about this! Cora is really pretty. I love Ellery. Brynn is pretty too. But Brynn Dawson- a lot of n’s, don’t you think? Boys names are way harder for me so I hope nobody close to us uses the ONE we like!!

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