Father’s Day

Father’s Day was pretty low key. We had plans to go to Ry’s dad’s house to grill out steaks and chicken later in the afternoon. Ryan ended up taking Porter over there early so that Dave could take P to meet Lori, Don and the girls at the lake for a boat ride. While they did that, Ryan played around on the 4-wheelers at Dave’s while I hung out at home with Hudson. We all met up at Dave’s around 4:30 for dinner and driving. The 4-wheelers, that is.

Now, before you get any misconceptions from these pictures… Dave lives in a neighborhood. A typical ranch-style-suburbia neighborhood and his yard backs up to woods. There are trails all through the woods but obviously we weren’t going to take the kids on trails. So what else to do? Drive all around the yard, that’s what! Yes… we dug up parts of his yard, made all sorts of racket and probably looked like nothing more than a bunch of crazy hillbillies. But, we all had fun. I kept thinking…. Cathy would NEVER have let this happen LOL! She’s probably rolling her eyes at us now LOL!

Lia and Porter were probably the most drawn to the 4-wheelers. They loved to go fast and you couldn’t keep the grin off Lia’s face. Porter was as ambitious as always and almost ran me over. Ryan drove up near me with Porter riding with him. He stopped to chat with Lori, Lina (who was visiting next door) and Porter reached up and hit the throttle and nearly ran me over! Crazy kid.

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