The Haircut Chronicles

This morning I decided to do a little project with Porter while Hudson napped. I’m going to attempt to do an alphabet letter a day (or at least 3 or 4 a week) with Porter. No Time for Flashcards has a ton of great activities for this age.

Today we did the Letter A for Alligator. Quick and easy and simple. Porter’s favorite part was using the scissors (pay attention… ). He liked just cutting up the paper so I let him have the scraps and play around. Build up those fine motor skills haha!

At lunchtime, I got the boys settled up at the table and I headed downstairs for a few minutes to swap laundry or something.

I come back upstairs and I see little clippings of hair all over Hudson. OH NO! Porter looks at me and says “He needed a haircut! His hair was too long, Mom!” GAAAHHHH! I quickly surveyed the damage… I’ve been holding out on Hudson’s first haircut for his baby mullet to get a little longer so I have enough to save in a little pony tail.

LUCKILY…. Porter only managed to snip a lock off the front and you really can’t tell. Whew!

Fast foward to this afternoon. I had put the boys down for a nap, made margaritas and Jane brought pizza over. Our modified lunch get together since I had the boys and was in a cleaning mood today and didn’t want to shower. (LAZY ME!)

Jane takes off and I happen to notice blood drips all around the kitchen floor. I can’t figure out which of us is bleeding… no signs of being cut anywhere. I walked outside to see if Jane left a trail (HAHA! I know… sounds retarted huh?) but no signs of blood outside.

A few minutes later I notice blood drops in the hallway by the basement stairs. And in the living room. And I follow the drips to the foyer and upstairs to the hallway, and they are all over upstairs. What the hell!

I figured it has to be the cat… maybe one of them cut their paw or something. I run downstairs and find Ella with half her head all bloody. Her ear is bleeding!

I pick her up and try to figure out what is going on. She has a slice on her ear… looks like its been CUT. CUT WITH SCISSORS!!! After a stressful half hour trying to find somethign to contain her in the car (we don’t have a cat carrier… well, we do now because I went and bought one!), I took her to the vet. I’ll pick up my cat tomorrow, pay the $200 (TWO HUNDRED, yes!) bill for her anesthesia and sutures in her ear.

Porter made like he had no idea what was wrong with Ella’s ear. I asked him if he cut it, or if he was trying to give her a haircut and he said no. He hasn’t got the lying act down yet so I immediately believed him. I figured if he had cut her ear, he’d have noticed blood right away (it was bleeding ALL OVER!) and would have told me. Ryan, however, called me when I was at the vet and said he’d asked Porter a few more times and Porter said he did, and hid behind the chair. I think, though, that Ryan probably guilted him into thinking/feeling like he did or that he needed to confess to get him off his back because I sat down with Porter at dinner time and asked “So, what was up with Ella’s ear? What happened to it?” And he said “I don’t know.”

Anyhow… scissors are going to need to be banned from his reach from now on, I suppose!

  1. Oh my! That is crazy!! Although not unbelievable… boys and scissors are dangerous things. Luckily we have had no hair or bodies cut in our house, but plenty of other things ruined. RUINED. I hate scissors.I hope Ella gets over the trauma! You better teach P the saying “curiosity killed the cat”… in this case it's P's curiousity, not the poor cat's!!

  2. OMG!! is what I kept saying as I read this. Im so glad nothing turned out tragic with Ella and Hudson mullet is safe! LOL! Maybe the vet will have some insight as to what happened, Im sure they can tell by the type of cut if it was a straight cut or a tear.

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