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I’m so relieved to say that we had an AWESOME day today… and we never left the house! Ryan left this morning to go 4-wheeling with his dad up north, so I’m flying solo for the next few days. I was hoping that the days wouldn’t consist of me yelling at the boys and drinking lots of alcohol.

I filled up the kiddie pools and the boys played for a few hours early this afternoon. We had lunch outside and then all 3 of us took a nap. Hudson has been sleeping for 4 hours each afternoon… in addition to an hour morning nap! We’ve been wearing him out! Yesterday I laid the boys down at 2pm and Porter slept until 6 and Hudson slept until 7!! They were so tired still and were back in bed at 9pm.

I grilled hot dogs for dinner and we had a picnic dinner outside on the quilt. The boys crack me up with their eating habits….

Hudson is all about eating meat and fruit. He ate TWO hot dogs and a bunch of cherries. Wouldn’t touch the broccoli and cauliflower.

Porter loves his veggies and fruits and has been on somewhat of a meat strike. He ate all of his AND Hudson’s broccoli and cauliflower but barely touched his hot dog. He’s been weird with the skin of meat… he doesn’t want to eat it at all. Ryan and I refuse to peel his hot dogs/chicken etc… so Porter ends up demolishing it in his attempt to peel it himself.

I got the boys in the shower and then we headed downstairs to have a movie night. They picked out matching pj’s and had popcorn while watching Homeward Bound “Cisco” as Porter calls it (Homeward Bound: Lost in San Fransisco). Porter is obsessed with the 2 Homeward Bound movies. He’s watched them both numerous times (Thank you Netflix!) and cracks up at a lot of the parts. The only thing I don’t like about the movies are all the mean names the animals call eachother (stupid, butt face etc. etc..) . I looked it up on Common Sense Media and Kids in Mind Media and surprisingly the language didn’t even register on their scales. Although, it seems like its getting harder and harder to find any type of kid movie that doesn’t have characters calling eachother idiots or something. (I know, I know… pot calling kettle black HAHA! We have potty mouthes in our house but IMO cursing is a different form of bad language than calling people stupid or butt face or idiot…. I may curse when I’m mad or stub my toe or whatever, but we don’t run around our house calling eachother mean, nasty names kwim?)

What a relaxing day! I’m excited for tomorrow… hoping that it goes as smoothly as today has!

QUESTION for readers:
Do your kids use the same cup/sippy all day or do you get them a new one each time you get them a drink?

I’ve noticed that I have been getting cup after cup after cup all day long… mainly because either I can’t find their cup from earlier (it always shows up eventually) or their previously used cup may contain milk that has been sitting out for hours and I think its gross to use the cup again. I realized today that each kid probably went through 4 or 5 cups each!

  1. fun day! πŸ™‚ I'd be freaking out too if Ryan left me for 4 days… I go on vacation a lot with my mom but I've never been left alone! I give Maeve new sippys if its milk or juice- but if its water she will use the same cup a few times in a row.

  2. looks like you have been busy! i'm not a fan of kid movies/cartoons and the things that are said…i just don't understand why it should be normal or acceptable to use words like stupid or name calling. it's ridiculous, in my opinion!as for sippy cups…daxton pretty much uses the same one all day (unless it gets lost), i do rinse it out each time…except when he has water.

  3. I'm glad you had such a fun day with the boys!Hudson was cracking me up in those pics… his hair flyin' around like that… he reminds me of -what are they called?- the Kewpie dolls?I usually go thru 2 cups a day per kid… one for milk and one for juice/water. Weird to think about… we never use sippy cups around here anymore. For meals at the table it's always regular cups and otherwise, for snacky drinks I use those playtex (?) cups with the lids and straws. Am I really a mom of kids who are done with sippy cups??!?

  4. Love these new pictures!! Glad your day went so well.Cups: 1 plastic w/ straw cup in the morning for juice, disposable for lunch (water or lemonade), and they drink milk at dinnertime, so, they get a real cup for dinner. (Seems weird now that I'm thinking about it.)

  5. How cute does Hudson look with that mowhawk?! And wow, Porter looks so grown up in these pics! It sure looks like you had a fun day! πŸ™‚

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