Bucky Harris

Another good day. What the hell… husband leaves town and all of a sudden I have patience with my children? It might be something to do with the fact that I have one less child… err… person… to pick up after at the end of the day. Who knows.

The weather today was GORGEOUS. 70* and sunny, albeit a bit windy. I had planned on going to the water park/pool with the boys but it wasn’t really warm enough for that, so I decided we’d go to the playground and take a picnic lunch.

We went to Loomis Park, which is in town… large and lots of kids. Porter had fun but Hudson, not being mobile on 2 legs, was kind of a burden to carry around. Its hard to keep your eye on a child by staying in one spot so I was constantly following Porter.

I decided not to picnic there as there were a lot of kids/people/some riff raff in the picnic area. We went to Good Will where I scored a cute pair of Baby Gap sneakers for Hudson this fall. Then we went downtown to Bucky Harris park to eat lunch.

WHY have I never come here for lunch? It is such a perfect little park! Its a 1/2 acre, has a fountain and benches and tables and lawn area and flowers and its smack dab in downtown. Not that there’s a ton to do downtown but I just love the busy-ness of it. It even has speakers up on the light poles and was playing music. Awesome.

The boys and I plopped down on the lawn and ate our lunches. Porter ran and ran and ran… exploring everything and watching busses and cars and trucks go by. He tried walking in the fountain (which is relatively shallow at like 6 inches deep) and slid and fell on his butt!

We’ll definitely go back more this summer! There aren’t any kid-toys to play on but it was nice just to have a relaxing, quiet lunch with the boys, music softly playing in our ear and the sun shining.

  1. My roommate was married in the church you see in the background of the first and last lunch pictures! That part of town was fun to take pictures of for photo class in college. The boys are just so sweet 🙂

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